Vacation Castles

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Have you heard about the wonderful vacation option of vacation castles? If you have, maybe you've already considered it. Then again, maybe you wonder why anyone would want to lock themselves away in some fortified monstrosity, when they could be at the beach. As someone who is fascinated by castles, let me try and explain the attraction to you!

Castles, and especially vacation castles, represent the glory of a time gone by. We are put in mind of such images as George and the dragon, a dashing knight rescuing a damsel in distress. So the fantasy goes. Some of us harbor a secret dream to live at some time in the past. When we watch a movie, we are enchanted by the romance of those huge, fortified bastions. For some of us, the very word castle is enough to be transported away into a world of make believe!

Where in the World Vacation Castles?

There are a few areas in the world that are particularly famous for castles; Ireland, Scotland, Moorish Spain and Italy immediately spring to mind. Each of these locations offers a different type of castle. But what they all have in common is that they're part of a different world that no longer exists. In some parts , castles have been lovingly restored to their former glory. With a few notable add-ons of course. Most of us, romantic though we may be, would draw the line at having to take our bathing and eating habits back a century-or-two!

If you're about to get married and you're looking for something different, memorable and undeniably romantic, then maybe vacation castles would be a great option. You could even arrange to make it a honeymoon where the guests follow you along for the ride? Perhaps not! If this doesn't appeal to you, then maybe the two of you alone in that huge piece of history is what really appeals to you.

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