0cean Shores Beach Resort

Written by BK Shaw
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One is a little spoilt for choice when it comes to making a reservation for an Ocean Shores beach resort in the picturesque state of Washington. Six miles of beach embroider this stretch of gorgeous coastline. On a glorious sunny day it might be understandable to confuse this coastline with Florida. A rich variety of birdlife and the unpredictable weather patterns separate the coasts more than mere physical distance.

Booking an Ocean Shores Beach Resort

Ocean Shores is the closest beach area to the beautiful city of Seattle, and so is often booked solid through the summer season and public holidays. If you are trying to plan a vacation at an Ocean Shores beach resort--be sure to make your reservations well in advance. If you're anything like me, you'll take advantage of the off season for fewer tourists and lower room-rates!

Oceans Shores enjoys a rich history as it was once a privately owned cattle ranch from 1860 until 1960. A group of investors bought the peninsula in 1960 for one million dollars. Ten years later, it was valued ten times higher, and today it's hard to put a dollar value on the strip of motels, hotels and condominiums. A lot of these properties were built on a series of canals.

Choosing Your Ocean Shores Beach Resort

Maybe you have a travel agent who will make his or her best recommendation for finding a room that will fit your needs. It's always advisable to consider the list of amenities you enjoy while being away from home. I always want to know if 24 hour room service is available, because you never know when a hunger pang might strike. Another useful amenity is a refrigerator in the room, as it is a cheap way to provide oneself with breakfast, or maybe just a home for leftovers from the night before!

If you are traveling with children your needs will be different. You might be looking for a baby-sitter, so that you can enjoy Ocean Shores' nightlife. Swimming pools are a useful source of endless hours of entertainment for little ones. Maybe you want to choose an Ocean Shores beach resort that will provide you and your family with adjoining rooms.

Personally, I like to book my accommodations online. I choose a resort with 24 hour room service, a gym, and a spa. I like a resort with different restaurant options to cater to my many moods and desire for variety. A swimming pool is a necessity with an outdoor hot tub for those chilly Pacific Northwestern nights.

Traveling to your Ocean Shores Beach Resort

If you live in close proximity to Seattle, obviously a drive to your Ocean Shores beach resort is the most viable option. Maybe you will stop to see some of the varied birdlife in the area. Many different species of birdlife have been seen in the area including sooty shearwaters, sandpipers, terns and cormorants. If you live outside the Seattle area, flights are available into the Seattle airport from all major airports.

From the airport it is possible to rent cars, or you might choose to ride in style to your Ocean Shores beach resort by picking one of the many limousines available. There is often no need to book a limo in advance. Upon arrival at Seattle's Sea-Tac airport as it is known, you can step outside and see the limos lined up outside waiting to escort you and your loved ones in style.

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