Aberdeen Museum Of History

Written by BK Shaw
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A visit to Aberdeen in Washington State would not be complete without a visit to the Aberdeen museum of history. In this museum you can see the pioneer days recreated with the use of period furnishings. The history of Aberdeen lies in the logging and fishing industries. Aberdeen is trying to change this foundation by focusing on tourism and by becoming a large retail centre.

The Aberdeen museum of history has exhibits ranging from the 1880s to the 1940s and in addition to the period furnishings; there are also slide shows and photographs. You can also see an example of a one room school, logging equipment and farm equipment. You can see a blacksmith shop, a pioneer church and fire trucks from all decades.

When I see old photographs of this geographical area, it reminds me of northern England to a degree. Aberdeen was accessible to shipping lines, but towns inland relied more on the old steam trains. I remember as a child visiting a museum for steam trains. Not only can we learn about our history from museums, but sometimes our own history can be revisited by our trips to those museums.

Opening Hours for the Aberdeen Museum of History

The Aberdeen museum of history is open from 10am until 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday and then Sunday from 11am until 5pm. Unlike many museums in the area, this museum is open all year round and payment is by donation. Bring your children and teach them about their history. It's much more fun to visit a museum than to sit in a school class!

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