Ballard Homes

Written by Tara Peris
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In the Washington state city of Ballard, homes and condos are gaining market value rapidly. This traditional seaport community has developed beautifully in recent years, allowing property values in both the business and private sectors to appreciate nicely. Without succumbing to commercialism, the city has managed to bring in exciting new shops, restaurants, and cultural activities that have enhanced quality of life in this small community.

People who own luxury Ballard homes can tell you that the city is known primarily as a fisherman's port. A leisurely stroll through town will reveal countless fishing vessels, dockworkers, and breweries, as well as any number of excellent eateries at which to grab fresh seafood. However, over the past decade, this blue-collar town has witnessed very favorable changes that have served to broaden its offerings, both to residents and visitors.

New Benefits for Those in Luxury Ballard Homes
Recent expansion has ushered in a host of new changes, including numerous compelling cultural offerings. Foremost among them is the annual jazz festival, a day-long event that brings out the better part of the city for socializing and live music. Notably, the jazz line up each year is impressive, and the quality of the music is comparable to what you might find in bigger cities nationwide.

Events like the jazz festival have served two primary purposes in Ballard. First, they have expanded cultural offerings in this small fisherman's town. Second, they have contributed to an increased feeling of community and civic pride that have made Ballard a more appealing place to live. In turn, these developments have sparked renewed interest in the purchase of luxury Ballard homes and businesses.

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