Burien Real Estate

Written by Tara Peris
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Luxury Burien real estate offerings have expanded rapidly in recent years, in an effort to keep up with the growing demands of this vibrant community. Long known for its bed and breakfasts and summer rentals, people are beginning to appreciate the year-round appeal of this seaside city. New businesses and homes have sprung up throughout the city, making it an ideal time to pursue luxury Burien real estate.

The city of Burien is over 100 years old. Although originally a small wilderness settlement, the development of the trolley prompted a rapid influx of new residents throughout the early 1900s. Generations later, people remain enchanted by Burien's rugged natural beauty and friendly small town atmosphere.

New Luxury Burien Real Estate Offerings
For years, Burien has been known primarily as a vacation spot. Hiking trails and numerous water activities allow visitors to enjoy the city's untouched natural beauty, and to experience the distinctive serenity of the region. These offerings have brought a routine influx of spring and summer visitors, and have paved the way for a flourishing bed and breakfast industry. This trade has constituted a large portion of luxury Burien real estate sales.

However, Burien's appeal is not limited to the summer months, and people have caught on gradually to the year-round appeal of this quiet community. The city prides itself on preserving a friendly, small town feel that is very family-oriented. This enticing atmosphere coupled with growing city infrastructure has prompted many a visitor to put down roots year-round.

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