Chehalis Valley Historical Museum

Written by BK Shaw
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The Chehalis Valley historical museum was built in 1906 and was originally a Scandinavian Lutheran Church. You can see a wide array of early day artifacts in this museum. It's in the town of Montesano which has a population of a little over three thousand people. The history of the name Montesano means 'mountain of health' in Spanish. A visit to a museum can provide another dimension to a city and really give the traveler the sensation of having learned something. The Chehalis Valley historical museum is no exception to the rule.

For local history you should visit the Chehalis Valley historical museum. Museums, particularly history museums can help us get in touch with our roots and give us a whole new perspective. Chehalis has an interesting history and the town was greatly impacted by a woman named Eliza Barrett. Eliza was married several times, had several more children and was quite independent in her thinking.

She had control over a large acreage and against the advice of many men in the town; Eliza divided her land and sold it to give her a large control of the town's land. She had a lot of say in the way the town developed and many people credit her with the way the town looks today. Eliza gave away much of her property and founded many important institutions including the first Catholic Church as well as a Catholic boarding school for girls.

The Chehalis Valley Historical Museum Hours

The museum is open between 10am and 4pm through the summer. You will be able to see for yourself the rich culture that founds this charming town.

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