Copalis Beach Lodging

Written by BK Shaw
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If you're going to consider staying in Gray's Harbor County, you might look for Copalis Beach lodging. There's a great swimming beach if you can stomach the average 48 degree water temperature. If you do swim be aware of the dangerous riptides and undertow in the area and if you do see baby seals, do not touch them. Very often the mother leaves the baby close to shore, while she looks for food. If you touch the baby, the mother will desert it.

If you'd rather drive your car than swim in the ocean, it's actually possible to drive your car along the hard packed sand without getting stuck! If you are going to drive along the beach, a couple of guidelines apply: don't drive too close to the surf and make sure you have proper tires, no doughnuts! Just try to make sure you've found your Copalis beach lodging before the sun sets.

If your idea of Copalis Beach lodging is camping, then you might take advantage of the fact Copalis Beach is a great place for clam-digging. A healthy meal of clams might make up for all those hotdogs and burgers cooked on the campfire. Of course, if you are staying in more luxurious digs, you might discover they have a clam kitchen you can use.

Finding Copalis Beach Lodging

You can find lodging online as always. There are a few excellent places to stay from which you can spend your time beachcombing, clam-digging or just kicking back. It's hard to have a bad time along this incredible coast.

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