Green Lake Real Estate

Written by Tara Peris
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Luxury Green Lake real estate remains popular among those who are intent on living in the heart of the city. Although Seattle boasts a number of dynamic neighborhoods, Green Lake remains a perennial favorite among city dwellers because of its integration of fast paced urban action and compelling natural beauty. Indeed, the neighborhood houses one of the city's biggest and most loved recreation areas, and offers countless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

The centerpiece of the neighborhood is Green Lake Park, a spot that draws thousands of visitors a day. Much like New York's Central Park, this lush, sprawling city park provides a respite from the rigors of daily city life. Whether stopping in for a quick lunch break or taking an extended hike on one of the many nature trails, visitors are bound to be enchanted by the diverse plant and animal life.

Stay in the Heart of the City with Luxury Green Lake Real Estate
People are drawn to luxury Green Lake real estate for a number of reasons, many of which center around remaining close to downtown. Most people who choose this neighborhood are intent on living in an urban atmosphere that retains its ties to nature. That is, they want the benefits of active city life without resigning themselves to a life of concrete skyscrapers, endless traffic, and impairing air pollution.

Green Lake is one of the few neighborhoods that can accommodate this tall order. People who own luxury Green Lake real estate enjoy the benefits of a bustling metropolitan area with few compromises. Indeed, the historic lake and its surrounding park allow for quick and easy access to the outdoors without requiring a lengthy trip out of town.

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