Kirkland Real Estate

Written by Tara Peris
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Luxury Kirkland real estate includes a number of desirable offerings in both the business district and residential settings. Parks, civic centers, and a thriving downtown help this waterfront community meet a diverse array of needs. For those drawn to the arts in particular, luxury Kirkland real estate is likely to prove especially appealing.

Kirkland is known for its theater, and residents enjoy a range of offerings. From outdoor arts festivals to numerous independent theaters downtown, there are ample opportunities to enjoy stage performances of all varieties. Notably, the Performance Center remains a popular destination for both residents and tourists, putting up a number of outstanding productions each year.

Enjoy it all with Luxury Kirkland Real Estate
In addition to theater, people are drawn to luxury Kirkland real estate because of its proximity to numerous outdoor activities. Of course, the waterfront is the most obvious attraction, but parks and nature trails are plentiful as well. The Bridle Trails State Park and the Wetlands reserve are two much-loved recreation areas.

As with many neighborhoods surrounding Seattle, Kirkland is driven by a strong commitment to protecting the environment. People who own luxury Kirkland real estate enjoy the blend of well-preserved natural beauty and urban activity. Civic pride and environmental awareness create an environment in which city life and nature can co-exist harmoniously.

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