Madison Park Seattle Real Estate

Written by Tara Peris
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Luxury Madison Park, Seattle real estate has gained international recognition in recent years. In particular, several newspapers and guidebooks have begun to document the idyllic quality of this posh Seattle neighborhood. With well-preserved city landmarks and historic architecture, the city maintains that small town feel of yesteryear.

Residents of Washington know that luxury Madison Park, Seattle real estate is some of the most sought after property on the market. This affluent, tree-lined community possesses the understated elegance of years of generational wealth. Anyone who can find the substantial prerequisite funds is angling to move into this upscale neighborhood.

The Understated Elegance of Luxury Madison Park, Seattle Real Estate
The most noteworthy feature of luxury Madison Park, Seattle real estate is its subdued charm. Although the neighborhood is known for its privileged residents, nothing here is lavish or over the top. In fact, properties and storefronts are surprisingly understated in their appearance.

To be sure, everything in this area is well maintained. However, the residents of Madison Park pride themselves on the preservation of historic landmarks and a small-town feel. The Red Apple Market, a family owned store that has been a centerpiece of the neighborhood for generations, is perhaps the best reflection of this commitment. As with other shops in the area, it speaks to an adherence to tradition and to the simple customs of years gone by.

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