Mercer Island Real Estate

Written by Tara Peris
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Luxury Mercer Island real estate is distinct because it rests on the precipice between Seattle and the Eastside. Technically the neighborhood is part of the Lake Washington district; however, just try telling that to its residents. They will tell you proudly that Mercer Island is its own distinct area not claimed by either larger region.

Those looking to live on the water have always been drawn to luxury Mercer Island real estate. This laid-back community is known for its striking fog and its famous bridge that links it to the rest of the city. Secluded from the chaos of city life, residents enjoy a friendly, peaceful neighborhood atmosphere.

The History of Luxury Mercer Island Real Estate
Mercer Island began as a small farming township. However, the development of the Lake Washington Bridge linked it to the mainland, and prompted its incorporation into the larger city limits. To residents of Mercer Island, this is nothing more than a technicality. The suburb is committed to maintaining a neighborhood feel that is distinct from the other enclaves of Seattle.

Because luxury Mercer Island real estate is secluded geographically from the mainland, it has been able to develop and preserve a unique atmosphere. This is an affluent community that enjoys its distinctive status in the middle of the bay. With schools, shops, and restaurants galore, the 20,000 residents of this wealthy neighborhood rarely leave the Island.

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