Mount Baker Real Estate

Written by Tara Peris
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Luxury Mount Baker real estate is a popular choice for civic-minded individuals. The neighborhood stands out among a host of Seattle neighborhoods known for their active community atmospheres. People with a commitment to the environment and to public service often find a safe haven in this liberal enclave.

Luxury Mount Baker real estate falls along the Eastside shore, directly across the bay from the affluent neighborhood of Mercer Island. This nook is known for its commitment to political and environmental activism, and a modern-day hippie ethos pervades the neighborhood. Local mottos encourage unity, involvement, and positivity as integral to building a better community.

Luxury Mount Baker Real Estate and Local Activities
The most sought-after luxury Mount Baker real estate is that which is close to the famed community club. This local center hosts numerous activities throughout the year, and is the driving force behind many local initiatives. Expect to meet up with friends and neighbors through fairs, festivals, and town meetings coordinated by the club.

In keeping with its liberal philosophy, Mount Baker is a diverse community that welcomes people from all backgrounds and lifestyles. This is an open-minded neighborhood that enhances its impressive scenic and cultural offerings with a warm, inviting, and inclusive community atmosphere. Those with a commitment to public service and social acceptance thrive in this intimate enclave.

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