Northgate Real Estate

Written by Tara Peris
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Luxury Northgate real estate is centrally located in Seattle, allowing optimal access to the city's rich resources. Those seeking the action of a dense urban area naturally are drawn to Northgate for its vibrant community. Its dynamic city atmosphere has been enhanced of late via urban renewal initiatives designed to restore and preserve the neighborhood.

Luxury Northgate real estate has always attracted young professionals in search of city life. Located at the heart of the action, the neighborhood possesses all the trappings of a modern metropolitan area, including fine dining, theater, and museums, and the requisite nightclubs and watering holes. This is an uber urban environment for those who relish a fast-paced lifestyle.

Diverse Luxury Northgate Real Estate Offerings
As with any other metropolitan area, luxury Northgate real estate offerings are diverse, both with regard to price and quality. Upscale lofts and townhouses exist in abundance, as do more modest apartments and studios. It pays to be patient and to look around a good deal before signing. Great finds exist, but they require a judicious blend of persistence and objectivity.

Word of mouth sells a good number of properties in Northgate, so it helps to have assistance from an insider. Consider talking to neighborhood residents and asking for referrals. Alternatively, you might benefit from consulting a real estate agent who specializes in Seattle properties.

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