Ocean Shores Beachcombing

Written by BK Shaw
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I have walked along many beaches all over the world but I've heard Ocean Shores Beachcombing has a unique flavour. I love to walk along a beach and listen to the waves. It's not a regular rhythm but there's consistency to be found in its irregular patterns. Every ocean has a rhythm just as every beach has a mood.

When you're wandering along the six miles of beach at Ocean Shores, you'll find souvenirs coughed up by the ocean and onto the beach. The best time to discover these souvenirs is after high tide or a winter storm. You can find all sorts of treasures from sand dollars to agates to beautiful shells. You can find these items and more when you're in Ocean Shores beachcombing.

The other beautiful aspect of Ocean Shores beachcombing is the dunes. With the ocean on one side and the dunes on the other, it's difficult to feel any more protected. Another good spot on the beach to visit is Damon Point, where it is possible to light a bonfire. This area is also known as Protection Island.

Birdlife While Ocean Shores Beachcombing

Not only can you light a campfire at Damon point, you can also watch out for some very special bird life. The rare snowy plover and the Semi Palmated Plover can be seen at Damon point. This is very unusual and one of the only places in the world that these two species coexist as breeding birds. It's also possible to see Peregrine Falcons and Herons here.

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