Ocean Shores Carriage Riding

Written by BK Shaw
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If you've ever ridden in a horse-drawn carriage, you'll know what I mean when I say it feels like you're living in a different time period. It's no different with Ocean Shores Carriage riding. More often than not, the horse and carriage will be waiting for guests. Occasionally, you might be able to hail a carriage, a little like flagging down a taxi in New York.

The driver is dressed is a costume appealing to the time he is representing. The horse looks weighed down by its heavy load. You cross the driver's palm with silver, he helps the lady into the carriage, the man is of course on his own and then you start on your journey. Usually drivers are very informed about the history of the city. Ocean Shores' carriage riding is no different.

As you listen to the horses' shoes along the sometimes cobbled roads, you wonder what it must have been like to travel like this every day, because there was no such thing as an automobile. You wonder how you could possibly have got the kids to school on time, never mind complete all the other household chores with everything moving so slowly. Then you remember you're on vacation and your car will be waiting for you upon your return home.

Sightseeing and Ocean Shores Carriage Riding

Riding in a horse and buggy is a delightful way to see the local sights. As you roll down the road, people turn their heads and stare at you. There's a feeling of royalty that accompanies such a humble journey. And you're glad you added an Ocean Shores Carriage riding experience to your stay in Washington State.

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