Olympic National Park Lodging

Written by BK Shaw
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If I had my choice of Olympic National Park lodging, I would choose to camp. There are several campgrounds in the National Park itself. Once you are in the park, you can enjoy all the scenic beauty held within, and that is a lot of beauty! In 1976, Olympic National Park was noticed by UNESCO because of its temperate rainforests and protected ecosystems. This was followed in 1981 by Olympic National Park being selected as a world heritage site.

With 17 campgrounds it is possible to stay in several different campsites and really take advantage of the different scenery at each one. The park itself spans 922,626 acres and you can see everything from alpine glaciers to America's most lush rainforest. You might see deer in the rainforest, steelhead and trout in the rivers, and of course birdlife is rampant.

You can enjoy all kinds of lake activities at any one of three large lakes. There is Lake Quinault, Lake Crescent and Lake Ozette. All over the park, you will find restrooms, hotels, restaurants and places to buy groceries. There is no shortage of Olympic National Park lodging.

How to Book Your Olympic National Park Lodging

You can find everything you need online from listings for campgrounds to listings for hotels. And you will find specific Olympic National Park lodging information. If you do decide to camp my favourite technique is to buy a thick double airbed mattress, coated with sleeping bags on the mattress surface, my goose down comforter, and I wouldn't go anywhere without my goose down pillows!

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