Ravenna Real Estate

Written by Tara Peris
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Luxury Ravenna real estate remains a popular choice among those in the University of Washington community. Situated in north Seattle, Ravenna and the adjacent neighborhood of Bryant provide easy access to the University District. This safe, student-friendly area is ideal for professors, young families, and graduate students.

Ravenna real estate provides a diverse set of offerings designed to suit people of varying financial means. Up on the hill, you'll find large estates and mansions occupied by university deans and provosts. Closer to campus, there is an eclectic assortment of small homes and bungalows typically owned by graduate students and other campus employees.

Luxury Ravenna Real Estate Close to Campus
Almost all Ravenna real estate is within close distance of the University of Washington campus. Expect to find numerous walkers and bikers along the streets, as these are the preferred modes of transportation around here. This is a safe, casual community peppered with upbeat coffeehouses, watering holes, and eateries.

Like many other Seattle neighborhoods, Ravenna is an urban enclave with a commitment to protecting the environment. Parks and streets are well maintained, and local initiatives serve to curb air and water pollution. Thus, residents in this diverse neighborhood enjoy the natural beauty of the region within the confines of city limits.

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