Shorewood Real Estate

Written by Tara Peris
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Individuals in south Seattle frequently pursue luxury Shorewood real estate for its blend of suburban comfort and city accessibility. Close to both downtown Seattle and the waters of Puget Sound, Shorewood is an ideal community for families and young professionals. Simple, unpretentious lifestyles and a warm, inviting community atmosphere continue to encourage many south-siders to put down roots in this quaint neighborhood.

Like many other Seattle-area offerings, luxury Shorewood real estate is known for its seamless blend of city life and natural surroundings. Thus, residents are able to enjoy the best of both worlds. The suburban neighborhood is close to the downtown business district, and to the many attractions of greater metro area. At the same time, it is secluded enough to allow residents a bit of breathing room and a slower pace of life.

Reasons to Consider Luxury Shorewood Real Estate
Shorewood's ideal location allows for easy access to both Puget Sound and Lake Washington, and to numerous local recreational activities. The untouched natural beauty of the region is one of the most compelling regions to consider luxury Shorewood real estate. Of course, the reasonable housing rates help, too.

In general, property prices in this community are somewhat lower than in other parts of Seattle. Reasonable rates and a number of high quality property listings make this an ideal neighborhood for first-time buyers. Take a drive around this simple community and see for yourself the many benefits of living in Shorewood.

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