Washington Mccleary Museum

Written by BK Shaw
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While you're in the Ocean Shores area, you should visit the Washington McCleary museum. It has only been around for a few years and is located in the Carnell House. It is managed by the McCleary historical society. If you want to learn more about the lay of the land, the Washington McCleary museum has the answers. With only a population of 1,454 people as of the year 2000, McCleary is in a very rural area.

As such you will discover a history of logging in the area. I remember the first history museum I visited was in Frankfurt, Germany. I was particularly fascinated because it showed a modeled version of the city before the bombs of World War II devastated its walls. Coming from England, we often thing of the Germans as the aggressor and that we and the allies were the only ones to have suffered. I'm glad there are museums that can remind us of the way things were and to help us keep perspective.

The Washington McCleary museum is staffed by volunteers. The museum can be in existence because the community cares enough about its history to staff it on a volunteer basis. That kind of spirit can be lost in a big city, where everybody is looking to somebody else to take responsibility, and nobody has a personal sense of ownership.

Opening Hours for the Washington McCleary Museum

The museum is open in the afternoons between 12pm and 4pm weekends during the summer-time. Perhaps you're not up for wandering through the museum without having a good guide? There are guided tours available.

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