Westport Whale Watching Info

Written by BK Shaw
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The Internet is always an excellent resource for obtaining Westport whale watching info. It is important to check conditions because the ability to whale watch can be determined based on the weather conditions. Unless you have solid sea legs and a strong stomach, you probably wouldn't want to whale watch in rough seas. There are some amazing sights to behold considering that California gray whales head back up to Alaskan waters between March and May.

The village of Westport is a short ferry ride away from Ocean Shores. There are several different companies who offer charter trips and from whom you will easily obtain Westport whale watching info. A typical charter boat ride lasts about two and a half hours. The coast guard has approved any charter operation in the area to look for whales while carrying whale watching passengers.

From the southern end of Ocean Shores it is actually possible to spot the whales from land. It is also possible to occasionally see juvenile whales from the observatory tower in Westport. If you are going to endeavour to see whales from the tower, it is easier to spot them on a clear day, and a pair of binoculars is useful. You are probably less likely to see whales from land than sea, simply because from land you must hope they swim into your vicinity. On a boat, the captain is able to track the whales down.

For Additional Westport Whale Watching Info

Contact any of the charter companies locally for Westport whale watching info, or ask the front desk of your accommodations in Ocean Shore. They will surely be able to assist you with reservations to see some magnificent whales.

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