Are Weighted Sleep Sacks Safe for Babies

The Safety of Weighted Sleep Sacks

Parents wish to have a good night’s sleep after an exhausting day with the baby. Their ultimate luxury is when the baby sleeps for a few extra hours, and they get to have rest. But they might not be so lucky every day, which is why they constantly struggle to find things that can help their baby sleep peacefully.

Weighted sleep sacks are the product that claims to keep a baby asleep for a longer time. This assertion successfully attracts the attention of the parents. But are weighted sleep sacks safe for babies? Let’s discuss this in detail.

What Are Weighted Sleep Sacks?

Weighted sleep sacks calm down the baby by giving them a sensation of a hand placed on them. They feel secure and have a sense of warmth that eventually helps them to sleep longer.  

They might be pretty helpful for tired parents, but before using them, parents should ensure whether weighted sleep sacks safe for babies or not?

Are Weighted Sleep Sacks Safe for Babies

Can Weighted Sleep Sacks Be Safe?

In infants, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) was quite common before 1992. It usually occurs due to suffocation, overheating, or some unknown reasons too. But after 1992, safe sleeping methods were encouraged by pediatrics that controlled the SIDS rate.

Weighted sleep sacks possess similar threats of suffocation, overheating, and breathing inhibition in babies, leading to drastic results. The American Academy of Pediatrics strictly negates the use of any loose blankets, stuffed toys, or even weighted sleep sacks because they can be dangerous.

Several studies show that weighted sleep sacks for babies in NICU resulted in Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. Even though they were used in the NICU to imitate the feeling of still being in the womb, it was still harmful to the babies.

For toddlers older than 2 years of age, a weighted sleep sack can be a safe product to use. The toddlers are strong enough to get rid of the sack if they feel any kind of suffocation. 

Safe Sleeping Tips

So, what safe sleeping tips can you adopt and ensure your baby’s safety in his sleeping space? If you do not have the answer, do not worry, we will give you the answers to your confusion.


  • Put them in the crib: A baby, despite his age, should sleep in his crib alone. Never co-sleep with your baby because it can cause SIDS. The crib should have a sturdy mattress without a pillow. Moreover, there should not be any blanket or toy in the crib.


  • Make them wear sleep sack: Now, we are talking about the regular sleep sack that comes without any weight. It will restrict the baby’s limb movement and allow him to sleep peacefully while feeling secure and comfortable.


  • Baby should sleep on his back: Always put the baby straight on his back. Do not make him sleep sideways. 


  • Optimum temperature: To avoid overheating during the night, ensure the baby’s clothing is weather appropriate. Set a standard temperature of the room so that baby sleeps comfortably.

Final Takeaway

Weighted sleep sacks pose a risk to the baby’s health, due to which experts recommend avoiding its use. You need to pay more attention to small details during the early years of a baby’s life. So, it is always better to avoid such health hazards at the start. However, you can use them once your baby is older than 2 years.


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