Baby Screams During Tummy Time

The Importance of Tummy Time

Parenting is a journey that has exciting moments as well as challenging times. Experts highly recommend tummy time, and some babies love it. However, you may be in a predicament where your baby screams during tummy time. This can be pretty frustrating, considering how important tummy time is. By placing the baby on the floor, you will help them develop their upper body, neck, shoulders, and head stamina. Tummy time is also essential in that babies will start pursuing other crucial milestones like crawling, sitting up, and rolling over.

Baby Screams During Tummy Time

Why Your Baby Screams During Tummy Time

It is normal when your baby screams during tummy time as this is a new experience for them. Most toddlers hate being put on their bellies. For most parents, we know that it is safer to have the babies on their back, and sleeping on their belly may be initially uncomfortable. Your baby will have to put in a lot of effort to lift their head, and most of them do not like the experience. However, when they get used to it, they will love it, and it becomes comfortable. Always remember the importance of tummy time, and this will give you the motivation needed to persevere.

Tips to Make My Baby Love Tummy Time

If your baby screams during tummy time, do not worry; you can make it work. Here are some simple tips that you may want to try out.

Begin Early

Babies quickly adapt to different patterns and new activities. If you do not want to suffer during tummy time, start early. Right after birth, you should make it a habit for the baby to be on their belly for short sessions.

Make it Interesting

When your baby screams during tummy time, you may want to spice up things a little bit. Rather than just placing the baby on the floor, you can have a few safe toys and books. These will serve as a good distraction when they are on the floor. Choose colorful mats or blankets to put on the floor.

Get To the Floor with Them

Tummy time is a foreign concept, which is probably why your baby screams during tummy time. To make it easier for them, you should consider lying down with them. Depending on how old the baby is, you can choose some exciting activities to enjoy on the floor. Play games, squeeze toys or read a book.

Use a Mirror

Your baby is at a curious stage, and when you put a mirror on the floor, they will love to see their reflection. Always use a non-breakable mirror or reflective toys for the safety of the baby. Ideally, babies assume that they have another baby with them on the floor.  

Trust the Process

It can be frustrating when the baby screams during tummy time. However, with these simple tips and a little bit of perseverance, they will get used to the process. Remember that every baby is different, and you should not beat yourself up when your baby takes longer to adapt.

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