Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is the process of transforming a placenta into pills. Right after giving birth, a mother’s placenta is collected, cleaned, and ground into powder. The powder is then placed into small capsules for the mother to take after giving birth.

Consuming placenta has long been a popular custom since placenta is known for having numerous health benefits. Some benefits of placenta encapsulation include:

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

1. Prevents Postnatal Emotional Effects

Baby blues, postnatal mood disorders, and postnatal depression are some of the most common and serious issues among mothers after giving birth. Placenta capsules can decrease the effects of baby blues and can potentially ease mood disorders. In addition, they are healthier options compared to antidepressants since they are all-natural and non-addictive. Your placenta capsules will contain your own hormones, so they are safe to use when you’re feeling low after giving birth.

2. Provides More Energy

In a 2013 study, researchers conducted a survey on 189 women who experienced placentophagy and most of them had a history of postnatal mood disorders. The study found that around 40% of the women reported an improved mood after giving birth.

Study shows that consuming placenta improves mood, increases energy, and decreases fatigue in spite of the lack of sleep and energy that comes with having a newborn. It also increases CRH, a stress-reducing hormone. In addition, placenta is rich in iron, which is an essential element for achieving a healthy postpartum state, giving you the necessary energy to take care of your baby as well as yourself.

3. Relieves Pain

Many mothers claim that the practice of consuming placenta helps manage pain after birth. A research in rats revealed that female rats that consumed their placenta had a much higher pain threshold than those that did not consume their placenta.

4. Improves Milk Production

Since breastfeeding provides a lot of health benefits to infants, many mothers wish to breast-feed. However, not all mothers are able to produce enough milk for their baby’s needs. Placenta capsules are known for increasing milk supply, and many mothers share their positive experiences after consuming placenta.

On her blog Mama Natural, Genevieve Howland shares how her placenta significantly increased her milk supply. She emphasized that after 24 hours, she noticed her milk production substantially increased.

5. Increases the Release of Oxytocin

One of the best benefits of placenta encapsulation is that it encourages positive bonding and supports the uterus in returning to its normal size. Since placenta is an endocrine organ, it can create oxytocin hormones, and this aids the uterus to return to normal size. Taking placenta capsules can aid you after giving birth as your hormone levels drop.

Placenta encapsulation has become a popular custom for millions of mothers for good reason. It not only provides physical health benefits, but it also supports mothers’ emotional wellbeing, easing their transition towards motherhood. If you feel that placenta encapsulation is worth giving a shot, make sure to consult your doctor first to receive the right information on how to properly go for it.

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