Home Storage Ideas: Simple, Stylish Closet Racks

Simple, Stylish and Practical Home Storage Ideas: Closet Rack edition.

What a great feeling it is when you enter your home and everything is nice and neat! Most of us struggle with keeping our homes organized, but there are solutions that will definitely help. Regardless of which part of your home you wish to organize better, these 5 Simple, Stylish and Practical Home Storage ideas will help you alleviate cramped and cluttered closets, organize everyday garments, and store seasonal wardrobe.

Without any further ado, time to take a look at some home storage ideas: closet racks style!

ClosetMaid 4-Tier Freestanding Shoe Rack

ClosetMaid 8131 4-Tier Freestanding Shoe Rack, White

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose unit for additional storage in your home, you will definitely want to check out the ClosetMaid 4-Tier Freestanding Shoe Rack. Yes, we know it says it’s for shoes, but the freedom of use you get with this item is just one of the things that makes it so special and different from the others. Put it beside your bed and it will do wonders helping you organize your bedroom.

Or you could use it for pantry and linen closet storage. Aside from the versatility that this Shoe Rack provides, if your plan is to use it as intended, there are other benefits that go along with it as well.

The Freestanding Rack has a back lip so you’ll never push your shoes off the edge and it also features a wire mesh under the shoes so they don’t fall between two bars. The Rack is super easy to put together and pretty sturdy once you have the shoes on it. If you ever need to transport the Rack or put it into storage it is very easy to disassemble it and then you could also shrink wrap it.

Check out the ClosetMaid 4-Tier Freestanding Shoe Rack here!

Get your Adjustable Wardrobe Organizer

Safstar Portable Clothes Organizer

Safstar Portable Clothes Wardrobe Garment Rack Home Closet Hanger Storage Organizer

If you’re looking for a simple and practical storage solution for your wardrobe, then the Safstar Portable Clothes Organizer might be just the perfect Storage Idea for your Home. This clothes rack has plenty of space for different items.

The racks for hanging clothes will hold a decent amount of clothes and other items (bags, belts, scarfs) and will be able to handle a good amount of weight. It is surprising how well made this Rack feels. The steel is strong, even on the shelving. A great feature is that the shelves are adjustable and are able to be moved to the level that you prefer. It definitely makes it super nice to customize for your needs.

The color is a bit matte which makes it look clean and aesthetically pleasing. This unit comes with a set of instructions that are fairly easy to follow. No tools are necessary to assemble this set. You will however need another person helping out in order to connect the ends.

Instructions are easy to follow and in the end, this is one of those Home Storage Ideas that is really worth buying because it is very sturdy, and it will last you a long time. Overall, this is a great clothes rack for the price and quality.

Check out the Safstar Portable Clothes Organizer here!

Your Customizable Garment Rack

Whitmor Adjustable Garment Rack

Whitmor Adjustable Garment Rack, Black & Chrome with Wheels

The Whitmor Adjustable Garment Rack is great for hanging jackets, sweaters and suits jackets. It is very sturdy and small enough so as not to take up too much room. You can use it to hang clothes straight out of the dryer, for your bedroom, or your children’s room.

The best part about this Home Storage Idea is having clothes hanging nicely instead of on the floor or stuffed into a bin.  It will definitely get a lot of use and it can hold a lot of clothes. The chromed steel hanging bar is adjustable so that you can customize the height according to your needs. It adjusts to 3 different heights and lowers down far enough to fit easily in the car.

It is easy to wheel around as well, which is a great feature that will allow you to expand your hanging space as well as make it more mobile for putting the finished clothes from the dryer away! It is super easy to put together in under 5 minutes. No tools are needed either. Having in mind that getting this Garment Rack is much cheaper than building a new closet, I would say it gives excellent value for the money.

Check out the Whitmor Adjustable Garment Rack here!

The Future is Now with the Arrow Clothes Storage System

Arrow Closet Hanger

Arrow Hanger AH3X12 Quik Closet Clothes Storage System

The Arrow Closet Hanger is a clothes storage system that is easy to install and might be linked continually high or low along a wall. This is another versatile Home Storage Idea. If you’ve been looking for a solution to your lack of hanging space in the laundry room this will work perfectly, and it is really easy to install.

If you have a drill, anchors, a pencil, measuring tape, and level – you can hang this in about 15 minutes. The hanging rod is easily adjustable, so you can stretch it a couple of feet longer, or if you’re not using it, just remove the bar and fold the two pieces flat for storage.

Also easy to take off when you move. Some of the unique uses people find for this item are: Hanging/drying rack in the laundry room to hang clothes straight from the dryer, perfect for the bedroom for extra closet space, hanging rack for quilts, an organizer for hobby/craft room, and perfect for a small entrance with no coat closet. Among the Home Storage Ideas, this one is the best thing that could be invented.

You will love this Clothes Rack.

Check out the Arrow Closet Hanger here!

Hang Your Clothes with Style

Prince Deluxe Pants & Shelf Hanger

Deluxe Pants & Shelf Hanger | Clothing Rack | Closet Organizer

When it comes to hanging your clothes with style, the Prince Deluxe Pants & Shelf Hanger really hits the spot! It is very easy to put together and the directions that come with it give you directions for assembling each individual section. This gives you a lot more control when putting it up since you can refer to the overall picture to assure it all aligns! If you lack wall space you can easily build an L-shape.
The best part about this Clothes Hanger is its mobility. You can absolutely pull it apart and take it with you in a snap. This will be a great benefit for people that expect to move a lot. The closet system is an absolutely affordable and practical way to keep your clothes organized in style.

It really displays your clothes in a nice way, fits a LOT (even heavy items), looks a lot more expensive than it is, and is surprisingly lightweight and very strong.

Check out the Prince Deluxe Pants & Shelf Hanger here!

All of these Home Storage Ideas closet racks come with a common added benefit – they are much cheaper, and easier to set up than building and installing a full closet in your room.

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