How To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker

How to clean ninja coffee maker

Coffee helps us through the long, cold, grey winter of sloth and gluttony that is the holidays. Most coffee-making machines have one or two buttons for cleaning, but those buttons don’t always do the job—or do the job well. If you’ve ever scrubbed out a coffee maker with soap and water only to find your coffee is still tasting weird we have the perfect tips. To prevent this from happening to you again, we’re gonna give you a step-by-step guide on how to clean your Ninja Coffee Bar. 

How to clean Ninja Coffee Maker

What is the Ninja Coffee Bar?

For coffee lovers like us, the thought of drinking a delicious cup of Joe without spending any money on overpriced coffee shops is like a fairy tale. Believe it or not, there is a way to fulfill your coffee addiction with the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System! This machine is an all-in-one solution to quench your coffee thirst. The Ninja Coffee System has everything you need to create the perfect cup of coffee. Customize your brew with 9 different grind levels for a flavorful, hot, and delicious cup for those early mornings or after dinner treat. When it’s time for an afternoon pick me up or late night brew, you can pull a refreshing cold brew or iced beverage that still delivers on taste with the Ninja coffee maker. Plus, the system includes a built-in frother that blends right into the drip tray so you don’t have to go searching through cabinets and countertops for tools. 

Supplies you will need

  • Descaling solution 
  • Vinegar (In case you don’t have descaling solution or want to go for the more affordable route)
  • Hot water
  • Toothbrush (Optional but perfect if you want to get in those hard to reach places)

Should you use a descaling solution or vinegar?

Unfortunately, vinegar is not the top choice of cleaner for your Ninja Coffee Bar machine. This doesn’t mean that we should completely avoid using vinegar. Instead, it is recommended that you use a descaling solution instead of vinegar as the latter leaves a strong odor and might require you to rinse at least two to three times to get rid of the odor and taste. In contrast, descaling solution makes the rinse relatively easier. However, we know that some of these solutions can be a little pricey so just make sure you are. Additionally, the manufacturer recommends a descaling solution over vinegar for your Ninja Coffee Bar machine longevity.

How to clean ninja coffee maker

How to clean ninja coffee maker

So your Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer is due for a deep clean. Or maybe you just want to see that shiny metal cone on the top of your brewer. How do you get it looking sleek and new again? Follow these steps to make the most of your ninja coffee maker. 

Discard any water of coffee left in your ninja

  • By doing so this will set up your coffee maker for optimal cleaning.

Pour in vinegar 

  • It turns out that vinegar works to dissolve the limey buildup on the bottom and sides of your coffee maker carafe. Pour about two cups of vinegar into the water reservoir and fill the remaining space with water up to the max fill line. 

Put the carafe underneath the filter basket 

  • The empty carafe should sit comfortably under the filter basket. If it doesn’t, pull out the filter basket and flip the carafe so that it aligns with the basket. Make sure to select the full carafe brewing size. 

Press the clean button  

  • This process should take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Depending on your model it may only take 8 minutes. Once it has finished the clean light on your ninja coffee maker should turn off.

Empty and rinse

  • Remove the water reservoir and wash it out with fresh water and soap. Rinse the carafe and filter thoroughly to get rid of the cleaning solution. The glass carafe should be washed in hot water with dish soap and then rinsed. However, the water reservoir is generally made from plastic or steel and it can go into the dishwasher or you can wash it by hand with hot water and soapy water. Make sure to let everything dry completely before you put it back together

Rinse Cycle

  • Run your coffee maker on more time with regular water to make sure you have gotten any vinegar or chemicals that may still be left! 

That’s it you’re done! You want to clean your machine every month at least but if you can’t get around to it, definitely make sure you clean as soon as the clean light comes on. This process can also be known as descaling. If you are buying a solution instead of the vinegar method make sure you are looking at the directions on the bottle to use it properly. Some consumers prefer to use a cleaning solution compared to vinegar because it doesn’t leave as much of an odor in your house/machine. However it has been noted that the vinegar method may not get the clean light to turn off even though it has completely cleaned your Ninja coffee machine. Nonetheless, our simple guide is sure to make sure your ninja coffee maker has a  deep clean. 

Caramel Latte Coffee Recipe 

Now that you have a cleaned Ninja coffee machine it’s time to put your cleaning skills to the test. It’s cold outside and the beginning of football season. What better way to get in the spirit than by brewing up a big pot of coffee? This coffee recipe is sure to make you smile and warm you up from the inside and out.

The list of ingredients for this recipe is short making it super simple but also delicious. Listed below is everything you need:

  • 2 tablespoons of caramel syrup 
  • 3 scoops of your favorite coffee
  • ¼ cup of heavy cream (Or your favorite creamer)

Now to the fun part brewing and assembling your coffee! 

  1. Grab a cup and drizzle the caramel syrup around the inside of your cup. If you aren’t feeling fancy you can pour it in the bottom of your cup. 
  2. Place your cup underneath your Ninja coffee machine
  3. Press the largest brewing option your model has. Or for a more coffee shop taste use the speciality button if you have it. 
  4. While the coffee is brewing, take your heavy cream or creamer and microwave it for 15-30 seconds. 
  5. Next take the warmed heavy cream and use the frother on your ninja coffee machine to froth for about 30 seconds or until it’s doubled in size. 
  6. Once your coffee is brewed, stir the caramel and coffee together
  7. Finally top it off with your frothed heavy cream on top 
  8. Enjoy!! 

One way we like to spice up this drink during the holiday seasons is by replacing the heavy cream with pumpkin spice creamer to create a pumpkin caramel latte which is perfect for fall. To really top it off, sprinkle cinnamon on top of the frothed creamer at the end that is definitely Pinterest worthy. During Christmas time we also like to take advantage of the holiday flavors by using peppermint creamer to bring a little extra joy! It’s perfect topped with marshmallows and a candy cane. The best part of Ninja coffee machines is they have an over ice option so you can make this in the summer too. Or if you are like us and drink iced coffee year round. 

How to clean ninja coffee maker

Ninja Coffee Brew options 

Customize your Ninja Coffee Bar brewer with 4 brew styles to match your taste preference. Classic, Rich, Over Ice and Specialty options are included so you can dial-in the exact type of coffee you crave.


  • The Classic brew style is ideal for everyday coffee enthusiasts as it delivers a hot, never bitter cup that’s full of authentic flavor. 


  • If you’re looking for an intensely flavorful cup, try the Rich brew style that you can customize by choosing your preferred intensity setting. 

Over Ice

  • If you’re a fan of cold brew coffee served over ice, use the Over Ice brew style that makes cold brewing convenient and easy at the touch of a button


  • With the Specialty brew style, the Ninja Coffee Bar makes specialty coffees such as lattes, cappuccinos and mochas easy to prepare with delicious results. This is an espresso style option that is more concentrated which can be used for hot or cold beverages.

The Last Sip

The Ninja Coffee Bar is a unique machine that presents some unique cleaning dilemmas. Fortunately, it’s not hard to clean, and the results are worth the effort. In the end, remember that this interesting, high-tech coffee maker is really your friend. It makes excellent coffee, it makes excellent iced coffee and blended drinks, and it looks nice! As long as you have time to brush it up and go through the process every 3 months or so, it’ll be with you for years to come. Make sure to check out all of Ninjas other great products.



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