Interactive Toys for Babies

Types of Interactive Toys To Consider for Your Baby

Babies may not seem to be doing much in their first months, but they can start playing with toys. While they may not know their preferences in toys yet, it’s important for you as a parent to choose interactive toys for babies, especially those that give long-term benefits in their mental and physical development.

Here are some interactive toys for babies you can buy for your baby:

Music-Playing Device

Hearing is one of the earliest senses babies should develop. While you can sing for your baby yourself to teach your little one to be familiar with your voice, you can also use music-playing toys with nursery rhymes or stimulating tunes.

Activity Mats

Baby mats are great since they come with attractive colors and comfortable textures, helping your baby get familiar with different colors and kinds of textures. Activity mats are also perfect to use for your baby’s daily tummy time to help them develop their head, neck, and arm strength.

Play Gym

Play gyms are ideal since they usually come with mats and hanging toys on their arches. With this kind of toy, your baby can be entertained with the hanging toys and practice his grasping skills as they try to reach out for the toys above.

High-Contrast Flash Cards

Babies generally don’t start to see colors until they are about three months of age, so it’s a good idea to provide your baby with things that come in high-contrast, black-and-white colors. High-contrast flashcards feature visual stimulation as they are double-sided and have large illustrations, providing great visuals for smaller infants attracted to contrast colors and distinct contours.

Peekaboo Stuffed Toys

Classic stuffed toys are great, but if you want to give your baby an interactive toy, look for interactive stuffed toys. A peekaboo stuffed toy allows your baby to explore the toy. When you push the feet, the toy’s ears flap, this is not only entertaining, but it also helps your child develop their fine motor skills as they grasps the toy.

Linkable Plastic Rings

These toys are perfect as clip-on toys you can attach to your baby’s stroller. They help your baby develop their grasping skills as they hold each ring with their hand.

Teething Toys

Teething usually begins at six months, but gum pain may start sooner at around 3-4 months. You can start giving your baby teething toys as early as three months when they need them. These toys will not only comfort your baby as they deal with gum pain and discomfort, but they will also practice hand grip. It’s recommended to get a teething toy with a clip so that you can secure the toy from falling on the ground in case your baby loses their grip on it.

Toys that Make Sounds

Simple toys like balls with small objects inside that make sounds when babies shake them are great since they feature cause and effect. 

Build a Bond With Your Baby!

Playing is a great way to build a strong and sweet bond with your baby. Plus, it gives babies sensory stimulations necessary for brain growth and physical development.

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