Miscellaneous Breed Group

Miscellaneous Group Breeds

Acting as our resident catch all, this grouping has breeds of all sizes and temperaments.

This medium sized Swiss herding dog is energetic and fearless. Their prestige as an all around working dog might have inflated its ego, as they can be self-assured. They are the smallest breed of the Swiss Mountain Dogs.

These medium sized herding dog from Australia has some distinct pointy ears. They are extremely intelligent and alert. As you would expect with a dog in charge of coralling all sorts of livestock, they have near endless energy.

This Portuguese herding dog makes for a wonderful family and companion dog. They are intelligent and smart, easy to train. When not herding livestock and cattle, they make for great guard dogs.

Among the rarest of four Belgian herding breeds – and also the oldest, this medium sized dog was originally developed in Belgium in the 1880s. They were a premier sheep herding breed.

This debutante, longhaired toy terrier was established in Germany in the mid-1980s. They were bred with a singular purpose, which they thrive at – being the most loving, caring companion and family dog.

Dating back in the Mediterranean over 2,000 years, this stout framed little pup originated in Italy. They are calm, faithful dogs.

Originally bred before guns, they drove birds into nets and flushed game for falconers. Since the gun, they’ve assumed roles more traditional to point and retrieve. While a good choice for a family, make sure to have a way to exhaust their energy – which is a lot.

The Bombara, the CO, the Caucasian. Going by many names this large livestock dog is an alert and dominant dog in the field. When socialized young, they make for good family dogs. They have been known to turn aggressive when they perceive a dangerous threat.

The German Spaniel is a kind and gentle hunting dog that is content in a family setting. They love their human companionship.

Brimming with energy and intelligence, this herding dog of Dutch origin was a versatile dog for the farm. While this medium sized dog is good in a family setting, they aren’t affectionate like you’d find with other breeds.

Responding better to positive reinforcement than hard reprisals, this even tempered spitz type breed originated in Germany. They are loyal to their inner circle and remain standoffish to strangers.

Easily trainable, this energetic, ardent  dog makes for an excellent family dog. Known to be very devoted to their owner, their compact frame and lively spirit makes them great confidantes and comrades ready to tackle whatever comes at you in life.

With a name translating to “yard-watcher”, this medium to large breed knows how to keep things under control. They are watchful and active. On the home front, these dogs are loving and familial.

This intelligent, medium-sized spitz-type dog hails from South Korea. In terms of loyalty, this dog just might win that category. They enjoy an active lifestyle, so that is most certainly a consideration when evaluating if they might be the right match for you.

This Finnish dog is cautious, yet brave, loyal, yet territorial. Their agility in the field make them versitile hunters. They specialize in larger game like bears, moose and wild boar.

Also known as a Kromi, this 20-35 pound dog was developed in Germany after WW II as a companion dog, which they thrive at being. Their longer lifespans, up to 18 years, could be another factor to consider.

If you can believe it, this under foot tall, under 20 pound pup was bred as a cattle herder. More recently, they have put their quick wit and intelligent to work and now cozy up as companion dogs. Occasionally, if you see them running in their sleep, you can imagine back to the days where they were corralling tens of thousands of pounds of meat.

This Hungarian herding dog has all the makings of a great family dog. Loving and loyal, kind and patient. Their herding ancestry has them full of energy, so make sure they have room to run and play. As with most herding dogs, their bark and desire to corral could be off-putting to smaller children.

This small to medium sized Spitz type dog from Sweden has a thick double coat. They are active dogs, so make sure to have plan in place when thinking about this breed.

This small breed intelligent, athletic sighthound comes from Peru. They are energetic and lively and love being with humans.

This Portuguese hound-type breed comes in three sizes (large, medium, small). They are intelligent, but sometimes stubborn, independent, but still need companionship on their terms.

This dignified little pup comes from Russian, as the name suggests. They are a mix of aloof and outgoing, which should tell you need to know. Big personalities come in small packages!

This Dutch sheepdog has the signature shagginess of these style herding dogs. A wonderful farm dog, they also exhibit better agility than you might originally anticipate.

The “Frisian Pointer” as they name translates to, this medium-sized breed has a tranquil and obedient presence. The Stabyhoun is a solid jack-of-all trade that can be everything from a herding dog to a hunting dog to a vigilant watch dog.

This small to medium sized dog has admirable agility, as it has adapted to traversing the uneven and thickly forested terrain of Taiwan. They are bold and alert, as their surroundings would require. Due to their disposition, it is better to have older, well-behaved children if you’re thinking of adding them to the family.

The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier is a thicker Rat Terrier. The feisty and fearless terrier traits are stong in this one. When socialized, in the right family settings, the affectionate and lovable side of this pup shines bright.

One of three breeds with the hallmark ridge of hair along its back (the other two: Rhodesian Ridgeback and the Phu Quoc Ridgeback), this loyal and loving dog needs to be socialized at a young age to enforce the best parts of their familial traits. They are muscular and agile dogs with tons of energy to expend.

This large dog has been used in Japan as a fighting dog. Remarkably, when not forced to do that, they are tranquil and obedient, patient and bold.

Originally an otter hunter in the Netherlands, the Wetterhoun is a true “water dog” as their name translates to. They are mostly reserved and quiet. In the right circumstance, when socialized young, they can be good in a family setting.

These Australian herding dogs have endless energy. Their intelligence makes them capable of mustering livestock on their own. They have a short double coat that comes in many styles and variations.

These Australian herding dogs have endless energy. Their intelligence makes them capable of mustering livestock on their own. They have a short double coat that comes in many styles and variations.

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