Newborn Baby Swaddle

Swaddling is an ancient secret to a happy, calm baby. It’s a method of wrapping newborn babies in a thin cloth to help them sleep more soundly. Learn more about swaddling and how it can benefit your little precious one.

Why Swaddling is Recommended

A newborn baby swaddle can resemble the mother’s womb and can thus help the baby feel safe and comfortable while wrapped snugly around a blanket. The best thing about swaddling is that it gives your baby a similar experience as being cuddled – without you having to carry the baby in your arms for hours as he/she sleeps.

Adorable as they are, newborn babies have little control over their arms, and swaddling prevents them from whacking themselves and getting more upset. Newborns also tend to startle easily because of their startle reflex and as a result, their sleep gets disrupted. A newborn baby swaddle can prevent these sleep troubles as it wraps the baby comfortably and securely, preventing flailing arms and legs from triggering their startle reflex. In addition, newborn baby swaddles keep babies warm and cozy until their internal thermostat adjusts.

Newborn Baby Swaddle

How to Swaddle Properly

Swaddling can be a challenging task for many, especially for new parents. But with the right swaddling method, you can master swaddling in just a few tries. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to swaddle your little loved one:

  • Find a flat, soft surface.

On a flat surface, spread out your baby’s swaddle blanket in a diamond shape with one corner pointing up. Take the top corner and fold it down about 6 inches.

  • Place your baby on the blanket face-up.

Place your baby on the blanket where the head sits above the folded edge of the swaddle blanket. Your baby’s body should extend down toward the bottom corner of the blanket.

  • Wrap your baby’s left arm.

Straighten the left arm and wrap the left side of the blanket around the left arm. Tuck the left side of the blanket underneath your baby’s back with the right arm free.

  • Bring the bottom corner up.

Take the bottom corner of the blanket and fold it over your baby’s body and then tuck it just under the first fold below the chin. Straighten your baby’s right arm and then wrap the right side of the blanket over the body under the left side.

  • Secure the swaddle blanket.

Twist the bottom part of the blanket loosely and tuck it underneath your baby. Make sure the swaddle is snug, but not too tight. Keep the blanket slightly loose around the hips to allow your baby’s legs to move comfortably.

Many parents and even pediatricians swear that swaddling is key to calm and happy newborns. While a newborn baby swaddle is a popular method for soothing babies, not all infants may be a fan of it. If your baby doesn’t seem to be comfortable when swaddled, you might want to consider some alternatives.


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