Potty Training Sticker Chart Printable

Reward Charts for Potty Training Your Children

Your toddler is two going on three years old, and at this time, it’s all about how best to adapt to the changes coming along. Switched appetites, the quest to explore and of course, the slow but gradual transition to the use of the potty are all are welcoming ways to notice growth in a toddler.

Potty training has to be one of the most exhausting experiences for parents because it involves constant supervision. However, in recent times, potty training has become more exciting with the use of colors, stickers, charts and the reward system.

The potty training sticker charts are printable and accessible to be used by parents and the child, which makes it less cumbersome for the caregiver. So what are those fun things to keep parents and children engaged in achieving a successful potty training sticker chart?

Tips for Successful Potty Training 

Make it simple

If you want your little one to be part of the whole transition process, make the chart as simplified as possible with indications of every detail from the days of the week to the progressive levels.

Keep it engaging

Toddlers love things that are colorful and captivating. It means the chart needs to have color displays of the children’s favorite superhero, shapes, and food on the chart; this is a ploy to make the kid a better monitor of their progress than the parent.

Be clear at every stage

From the days of the week to the stages of progress, show clarity and use color identifiers to make your child understand the successes and the not so successful stages. Everything should be indicated in different colors so they know when they made progress and when they did not.

The price for progress

Every child loves to feel special and appreciated. They want to know you see their efforts, so to make the potty training sticker chart a success, place a reward on it.

You don’t need to go over the top on gifts, otherwise their expectations will run too high; just give them a toy or special piece of candy each week. It’s a nice way to motivate kids to make an effort, and at the end of a successful week, the kid looks forward to a reward in return for their hard work. They will place stickers on their daily performance, and somehow, the psychological reminder of the potty training becomes a permanent part of life for the child.

In the end, Potty training printable sticker charts are a great help to parents. It doesn’t have to be challenging if you find ways to make it fun and keep it consistently child friendly.

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