Self Induced Lactation

What Is SelfInduced Lactation?

When moms give birth to their young ones, breastfeeding is one of the special moments to connect with their newborn. Lactation happens naturally right after birth, and the baby can feed exclusively on breast milk in the first few months. However, some parents are not gestational ones, like those who get children through adoption or surrogacy. Such parents may not have the natural gift to breastfeed their young ones. Fortunately, there is an option of self-induced lactation. With the help of professional experts, such parents can start producing milk for their babies.

As you would imagine, if you have not given birth, you may be lacking in terms of the hormones that are responsible for milk production. The process of self-induced lactation will entail tricking the body to start producing milk. Whereas this has proved to work, it is imperative to note that every woman has a different body. 

Some non-gestational parents will quickly build a milk supply through the self-induced mechanisms, while others may not. Understanding your body and working closely with an expert will make the journey seamless for you and the baby.

Tips to Succeed in Self-Induced Lactation

If you are new to self-induced lactation and you are considering it as an option, here are some tips which are important to have in mind:

Engage a Lactation Expert

The first thing you will need to do is speak to a professional about this process and your plans. Depending on your needs, such experts will help you build a tailored plan that works specifically for you. It is advisable to start early in advance before your baby arrives. This gives you room to make any necessary adjustments.

Expression and Stimulus

For adequate self-induced lactation, there are some supplements that you will need. Once you have started taking the recommended supplements, you can start an expression routine at least eight weeks before the baby’s arrival. This is a process that requires a gentle massage on your breasts and using a breast pump. There will be drops of milk after several weeks, which triggers the body to start producing milk.

Special Devices

Several specialty products can come in handy in self-induced lactation. If you did not have time to prepare, using devices like the Supplement Nursing System is a great option. Whereas the newborn will supplement breast milk, they will feed on your breasts, which helps enhance the mother-child bond.

There is Hope!

Are you thinking about adopting a baby and have been wondering how you would breastfeed them? There is hope for you through self-induced lactation, making it possible for non-biological moms to nurse their babies. With the tips here and the help of an expert, you should hack this without a problem. 

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