Originating in China and favored by the Chinese Imperial Court, these regal looking Toy dogs don’t disappoint. Their well balanced personalities make them wonderful compact companions.

This sturdy herding dog can round up cattle, sheep, and horses or can curl up at your feet next to a warm fire. They are loyal and eager to please their owners. They are marvelous with kids, making them a great family dog option.

The intelligent Pomeranian is the smallest of the Spitz type toy dog and is related to the sled dogs of the Arctic. A prideful dog, they are nonetheless eager to learn and are great with the family.


While there are a number of Instagram famous dogs now, Pugs actually have a long history, originating in China. They have distinctive features in the face with their short muzzles and brick-like, thick frame.

This quick footed breed is true to its name. Bred to hunt rats and other vermin, its high energy levels have this dog needing lots of exercise. Bred as s a mix of Fox Terriers and Manchester Terriers in Great Britain in the 1820s, the Rat Terrier is an intelligent breed.

This small dog has a big personality. While originally a fox hunter in England, this independent dog might not be right for every home.

Also known as a Bolonka, this dog is a member of the Bichon family. Dating back to the 1800s in Russia, this dog has been a companion dog, through and through. With spunk and charm, this big hearted dog makes for a wonderful family companion.

With a propensity to bark as a protective mechanism, this Spitz-type breed originated in Belgium in the 1800s. They were prevalently used as watchdogs and rattlers on the wharfs. This is fitting, as their name means ‘little captain’ in Flemish.

True to their name, these dogs can be a little – stubborn. They can be difficult to train because of it. That said, they have a lively personality and an infectious personality.

After a more serious history hunting otters, foxes, and badgers, this breed has evolved its more brutish temperament to one of the friendliest of the Terrier Group breeds.

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