Taylor Scales and Their Competitors

Most of the time, people want to track their weight change. They want to know the progress of their bodies in terms of weight loss or gain. This helps to keep one fit throughout the year. Taylor scales and other bathroom scales were thus developed to ensure that people get the most accurate weight readings. Rather than depending on other inefficient and unreliable scales, the Taylor scales came to replace them by providing quality standards in weight measurements. There is a variety of things like Taylor scales for sale. They can be found online or in registered stores. You only need to make an order and payment for those that are placed online.


Taylor Scales and Their Competitors

This is one of the most accurate scales. It comes with a tape measure that one can use to measure the waist or general body size. This tape measure helps one to see changes in the body structure. When the body starts burning fats, the areas of fat concentration tend to shrink thus one reduces in size. An example of such areas is the waist. I can measure all these changes in the body size by using this tape measure provided after I purchase the EatSmart precision digital bathroom scale. This scale makes use of a battery power. The batteries are rechargeable and therefore I don’t need to keep it plugged in the electricity. This would help me to avoid the nagging electric cables.

The batteries last for a long time thus I will only be needed to maybe charge it once a week. The scales help track down my weight changes thus helping me know how to keep myself fit. A manual is also provided once the scale is bought. The manual contains instructions that I can follow. These instructions help in the operation of the Taylor scale as well as in its maintenance. The batteries can be replaced if they get faulty. This ensures that the scale continues providing me with its services for a long time. The scales are also durable. This shows that the scales are of high standards more than the other known scales.


  • Accurate- with the advancement in technology, many things have changed. The same advanced technology was also applied in manufacturing the Taylor weight scales. This gave people a feel that they are enjoying the latest technology in every appliance that they use. The technology was also used to eliminate the errors that exist in the other scales thus increasing the accuracy of Taylor bathroom scales. With the reduction of the error, people can now know their weights better than they used to. Thanks to the Taylor scales.
  • Affordable- the scales are sold at an amount that anyone can acquire. This helps people all over the globe to track their changes in weight. This helps in body fitness and plans for future health.
  • Instructions manual- the scales for sale come with an instructions manual that gives guidelines on how to use them. This makes it easy to use and maintain thus increasing their durability and efficiency. With the manual, I can know how to calibrate them and when to do that. I can also be able to know other important things to consider while using the scales.
  • They have batteries that keep charge for a long time. This eliminates the chances of always dragging them around with a nagging power cable. It also makes sure that the electricity bill does not rise to unmanageable level thus there is no incurring of extra costs.
  • Simplicity of use- the Taylor scales are simple to use thus there is no acquisition of sophisticated techniques in order to operate. I am only supposed to know how to charge and calibrate them and then I will be free to make use of this great technology.


  • After sometimes, the batteries will get depleted which means that I will be forced to incur some extra cost to replace them.
  • These types of Taylor weight scales cannot be operated in areas without electricity because they will always need to be charged. Once the batteries charge goes down, the scales will always need a charge boost thus electricity will be needed. In areas without electricity, the scales will be useless.


Taylor Scales and Their Competitors

This is a modern digitized scale. It is one of the best modern scales ever known. It makes use of the modern technology to increase its efficiency and effectiveness. It has a high level of accuracy and simple to calibrate if the buyer reads the manual first. It is also small thus works on an amazingly reduced surface area. This ensures that it does not occupy too much space in the bathroom or anywhere else in the house. If they are given the correct and appropriate care, they can provide service for a long time thus increasing their durability.


  • Accuracy- these Taylor scales are much more accurate compared to the others. The errors that exist in the other scales have been eliminated through the digitalization process.
  • Easy to use- once I acquire the scale, I will not be required to acquire advanced skills or knowledge in order to operate it. The manual that is provided has steps that I can follow. It is, however important to read the manual to know how to operate these scales.
  • The scales are small and occupy a small space. I do not have to worry about inconveniences caused by the normal scales due to the large space that they occupy. The Taylor digital scale is small and operates on a reduced surface area.
  • Portable- unlike other scales, Taylor 7506 digital scale can easily be carried around. They can be taken out of the bathroom and to any other section of the house. This means that they are easy to move around the house. Therefore, there is no straining if I have to move the scale to a different place.


  • They easily get affected by extreme temperatures. If they are stored under very cold or hot conditions, they might produce inaccurate readings. They therefore should be stored in places with moderate temperatures for them to produce the best functionality thus being of essence to the owner.
  • They get affected by water and especially high humidity. I should, therefore, ensure that I cover them with a towel when taking a long shower especially the hot shower. This will protect them from water and from hot conditions produced by the warm water from the shower. Covering them will ensure that they do not get affected by the warm humidity which would render them inefficient and ineffective.
  • Unlike the other scales, these ones are a bit sophisticated thus they can be hard to use if one does not get the time to read the manual. For the people who believe that every digital product should function in a certain way, these scales will end up frustrating them since reading the manual is the most essential thing.


Taylor Scales and their competitors

Some people might be concerned about the exposure of heavy metals to the landfills. As an environmental concern, the Tanita 302 was introduced. Metals such lead and other toxic chemicals such as furans and cadmium produced by batteries are detrimental to human life. People who are concerned about the environment may not find use of battery powered scales. They consider using a more environmentally friendly scale. Tanita scales function well when exposed to natural light or bathroom light which is their source of power. Surprisingly, they are very accurate thus the errors of inaccuracy have been taken care of. Like the other scales for sale, this one comes with a manual that helps the user to understand its operations.


  • These scales are known to be some of the most accurate Taylor scales. This shows that they are efficient and are worth acquiring. Unlike the non-digital scales, the Tanita HS 302 solar powered digital scale has a special degree of accuracy.
  • They use a renewable source of energy. The natural light does not get depleted thus there is no time that they can be exposed to the light and fail to function.
  • They can be used anywhere even in places without electricity. This is because all the areas in the world are exposed to the natural sunlight making it easy to use them.
  • They are sold together with a manual that the buyer can use to understand more about their functionality and operations. This makes it easy for the users of these scales to get quality and efficient services.
  • The scales are environmental friendly. Unlike the other Taylor bathroom scales such as the battery powered scales, the solar powered do not produce any smoke or chemicals to the environment. They are the type of scales that one should use in order to improve the environment and maintain it at the best optimum conditions.


  • These scale function only under light. They can therefore not function in darkness. Even shadows casted on their surfaces deprive them off the functioning power.
  • They are only efficient if placed on exposed flat surfaces. Other ragged surfaces will produce an imbalance in the charge flow thus which decreases their ability to function.


Taylor Scale and Their competitors

These are also solar powered Taylor weight scales. They are more efficient than the Tanita HS 302. They are more improved to produce the best services to the buyer. Acquisition of this kind of scale means that I should have access to natural light and more specifically the bathroom light if that is where I will be using them the most.  Like the Tanita 302, they are environmentally friendly.


  • They are more accurate compared to the other scales. For the most accurate weight, I should therefore acquire this kind of scale.
  • They can function in all places and all environments so long as those environments have access to natural light. Since these scales are powered by light, any point on the world which has access to natural light can allow them to function.
  • They are environmentally friendly in the sense that they do not litter the environment with toxins and the heavy metals present in batteries. They are therefore the most environmentally friendly scales to make use of.
  • They are easy to acquire since they are sold at an affordable price.
  • Like all the other Taylor bathroom scales, the Tanita HD 384 scales are sold with a manual that allows one to understand their functionality


  • They can never function in darkness or in places that have no natural light because they only rely on natural light for their power.


Taylor Scales and Their Competitors

It is yet another solar powered digital scale. It relies on natural light as a source of power. It is among the best and the most accurate Taylor weight scales. It is also environmentally friendly and this increases the advantages of acquiring it.


  • It is environmentally friendly and this is one of the reasons as to why I can advise people to acquire it. It does not contaminate the environment with the chemicals and toxins produced by battery charged scales. When these batteries are thrown to the environment, they tend to contaminate it and this is the reason as to why the Tanita HD was developed.
  • It uses a renewable source of energy. So long as there is natural light, the scale will always function. This gives it an advantage over the other scales.
  • They are sold at an affordable price thus allowing several people to acquire it
  • They have a high degree of accuracy which allows their users to get the most accurate readings of their weight.
  • They are sold with manuals that allow the user to understand their functionality and how to make the best use of them.


  • They do not function in places that are not accessible to natural sunlight. Dark places are not appropriate for them thus they can only be used in lighted areas.


The scales are calibrated at the factory and this gives a difference in the readings when carried to other areas. This creates the essence of reading the manuals. Since most of the people do not have time to read the manuals, this may make it hard to operate the scales since their operations depend on the explanation on the manual. Users of these scales should take caution when using them. The scales should not be exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity since like any other digital equipment; they are sensitive to these environmental factors.

The scales should always be placed on hard surfaces since these are the areas that help it them function the best. Since these scales are also sensitive to temperatures and humidity, they should not be exposed extreme conditions.  These digital scales do not function well under high temperatures and humidity. The bathroom, the kitchen and the toilet where these scales are always kept experience variations in humidity and temperature. Extra degree of caution like covering them with towels when using the bathroom should be taken.

The scale should not be stored upright. It also should be lifted carefully and placed down carefully to avoid damages. When it is moved, the user should take an initiative of recalibrating it to allow production of the best and the most accurate results. When I want to get that weight reading accurate, I should not move when I step on the scale. Leaning forward and backward is not allowed if I need accurate readings. Standing straight without moving allows concentration of the weight on the pressure sensors; it produces desirable and accurate reading.

The scales are meant to monitor the user’s weight. They have a memory that shows how much pounds one has been weighing over a certain period of time. These readings do not change unless the owner’s weight changes with more than one or two lbs. this means that moving the scale and recalibrating it every time will not give the required weight readings. It will also not be able to show the changes in the weight over time.

The position where these scales are placed should not always be changed and they should also not be recalibrated every time thus allowing tracking down the changes in weight. If people need to understand and track down the changes in their body weight, they should go for the Taylor weight scales.

Taylor bathroom scales should be used in the appropriate areas under the appropriate circumstances. They should also not be use wrongly. Therefore, it is of great essence to always read the manual. The first thing that the user should always do is reading the manual to understand how the taylor scales functions before putting it to use.

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