Tummy Time Positions

The Start To Tummy Time

In every baby’s development, tummy time is the one thing that cannot be overlooked because it plays a vital role in their growth. It is so important to make tummy time feel really easy, fun and comfortable for the little one because it signifies the beginning of their self-discovery in terms of crawling and movement.

So what can we do?

Laying babies on a flat, leveled surface with no dangerous objects within reach is one of the oldest and commonest positions that a lot of mothers still practice. But as times change, so do these positions and today, mothers have learned the power of bonding with their babies in the most unique ways.

When your baby is the cranky one who can’t keep calm easily especially in sleep time, without a presence, it takes putting the baby on your chest and just rocking them back and forth with the help of a nice and comforting lullaby to daze them into the mother/baby bond.

You could also hold them on your forearm over your shoulders while rubbing their backs, this helps their system release gas or bulge. Gas is one of the most discomforting experiences for babies so with a solution like this, it’s a definite win.

Then, mothers have also come up with a fun way to get babies involved in their active time by keeping them lying flat on their laps, head propped up while they swing them side to side and take a moment to read a book or watch a movie in the process. A lot of babies love this position as it sends them to that sleep zone quite easily; almost like they are flying.

It is recommended that a tummy position should be timed because it doesn’t need to be lengthy but is best short and comfortable. 2-4 minutes is ideal, and this can only be sustained with some distractions and extra support. Tummy time pillows, dangling toys, and comfy blankets are great to keep babies distracted, propped up and relaxed.

Remember that you can start tummy time positions in babies as early as 3 months and stretch it all the way to 3 years; it all depends on your baby and how quickly they develop and disengage from clinging to motherly comfort.


All in all, tummy time position is a lifesaver for mothers because babies can get really preoccupied in their space and tummy fun, they give mums the chance to have some me time and, it’s a great way for babies to develop that sense of fearlessness and confidence to try new things every day.

When you find the tummy time position that keeps your baby joyous, perk it up because you will need it for the long haul.






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