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How to winterize a camper?

First you need to drain and flush your black and gray water tanks. Then drain and flush your water heater. If a hose is not attached to the drain valve you need to attach one. After this please open any external faucets, valves and hose bibs for about thirty seconds. Next locate the pump and open any other external faucets. After this open internal faucets, showers, and toilets for about thirty seconds. Once done pouring antifreeze down the p-trap you are finished winterizing your RV water system.
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How to make coffee camping?

There are several ways to make coffee while camping. One of the easiest ways to make coffee while camping is to use instant coffee and dissolve it into hot or cold water. Another way is to bring a camping kettle bot and add in coffee grounds. You could also bring a percolator instead of the coffee kettle if you are more comfortable with that. If you are trying to be more fancy, a few other ways to make coffee are using a french press or a drip coffee maker. 
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How to keep food cold while camping?

If you are able to bring a cooler with you when camping this is the best option to keep your food cold. To ensure the food stays cold use frozen water bottles, ice packs and consider freezing your food to keep everything as cold as possible. If you are bringing meat in your cooler make sure to double wrap it to prevent cross contamination. Lastly, always try to keep your cooler in the shade whenever possible. 
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How to insulate a tent for winter camping?

If you’re camping in a high wind area, a good alternative to planting your tent is to bring along a portable tarp and tie it up between two trees. Even if the tree branches are thin and fragile, you should still be able to tie the tarp up securely and create a windbreak. Space blankets are sheets of aluminized polyester that trap body heat, so they’re useful for keeping warm when you’re camping outside. While space blankets can be a big help to campers who don’t have access to tents or sleeping bags, duct taping one to the inside of…
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