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Can you compost bread?

In a standard compost pile, throw in a loaf after it starts to go stale and you can then add a cup of baking soda to break down the gluten. Never add any type of bread when it's still fresh, as it will attract pests that lay eggs in it and won't decompose properly. 
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Are tea bags compostable?

In order to properly compost your tea bags, you need to be sure that they are composed of biodegradable materials. Otherwise, the bacteria will break down the plastic and leave a mess rather than being converted into material that can sustain plant life.
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Are paper towels compostable?

Yes, paper towels are compostable if you only clean with dish soap and water. Most of them already have oil in them and they are usually made of 100% cellulose. But, if you use your paper towel to clean grease or oil from the dishes, do not throw them into your compost bin. 
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Are coffee filters compostable?

Coffee filters when made of paper and unbleached, are highly degradable and can be added to your compost. If your coffee filters classify as 'other' materials, they may be unsuitable for composting. In addition, some coffee filters are bleached with chemicals, making them unsuitable or unsafe for composting. 
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How much compost do I need?

Some plants need more compost than others, and that’s really dependent on the growing conditions in your area. There aren’t a lot of hard and fast rules when it comes to the amount of compost to add to your garden. But the general rule of thumb is to add one or three inches (2.5 or 7.6 centimeters) of compost to your garden or flower beds. 
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