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How did improved transportation affect farming?

Improved transportation meant that farmers could send their produce to market efficiently. Farmers with orchards, or who grew different crops, could also sell their goods in different cities. The train was a revolutionary form of transport for people in rural areas because it allowed them to get their goods to market more easily and cheaply.
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What is the difference between a farm and a ranch?

A ranch is a part of farming, since both are responsible for ensuring that only the highest quality food product reaches the consumers. The main difference between a farm and a ranch lies in their tasks. A farmer will focus on growing crops, while a rancher will worry about winter feed and the market prices. Therefore, with regard to their jobs and expertise, the two jobs are different from each other. The way they work is also distinct from one another.
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How to start farming with no money?

If you are really broke the best thing you can do is to find someone who has been farming successfully for a long time and get a job working for them. When it comes to farming you learn by doing. You learn how to make mistakes and then how to avoid them. If you're young, ambitious and without much money, taking a job with a farmer who is willing to take a chance on you is one of the surest ways to get started. 
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What is a hobby farm?

​​A hobby farm is a small-scale farm that is used primarily for pleasure instead of being considered a business. This type of farming is categorized as less than 50 acres. Anything between 50 to 100 acres is considered a small-scale farm. Owners of these farms typically have off-farm jobs or are retired.
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