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What to wear kayaking?

Remember to put on sunscreen, a wide-brim hat, and sunglasses before you get to the water. Sunglasses are especially important because they protect you not only from the sun's UV rays, but also from the glare on the water. Layering is key for protection and comfort—that means wearing a rash guard underneath your shirt and shorts or swimsuit. You can add a swimsuit cover-up or light sports jacket that gives you UV protection as an extra layer, especially if you plan to take pictures from your kayak. It's also a good idea to bring along a poncho or small tarp…
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How much is a kayak?

Once you set aside the right price range, it’s really just a matter of evaluating your preferences and needs. If you like fishing, or if you’re going on whitewater kayaking trips, then those types of kayaks are definitely worth the investment. Also determine what type of materials you want to work with - plastic, fiberglass, and the various models from each material family. Plastic kayaks start around $250-300 for entry level recreational kayaks and go up to $3,000 for high performance racing kayaks (tops out at about $4K for sit on top fishing/racing). 
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How to transport a kayak?

If you are going to be transporting a kayak, it is crucial that you think about your options well in advance. Calculate the size of your kayak, and then measure the size of your vehicle to determine if a roof rack can be installed. If not, consider other transport methods, including: in the truck bed, on a trailer, or even behind a bike. Whatever method you choose, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe transportation. 
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How much does a kayak weigh?

Recreational kayaks tend to weigh between 35 and 65 pounds, while heavier fishing models can top 100 pounds. The lighter the weight of your kayak, the easier it will be to carry and transport. For most people, this makes it easier to put the kayak into your car and take it out whenever you want. 
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How many calories does kayaking burn?

A 125-lb person will burn roughly 283 calories per hour kayaking, while a 200-lb person will burn up to 454 calories per hour. Overall, it seems that kayaking can burn around 200 to 300 calories per hour of paddling. While this may not seem like much when compared to the number of calories burned in other activities, like running or swimming, working an activity into your daily life is often about quality over quantity! Kayaking is certainly a leisurely exercise that you can enjoy for longer periods at a time.
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Annual Vet Bills: $1,500+

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