Hypoallergenic: Big Dog Breeds

Below, we’ve compiled all the hypoallergenic dogs in the large dog breed size.

Aloof and distinguished, this reagle breed sports a silky coat that keeps it both warm and undeniably debutante. This sighthound isn’t afraid to rough it, as it used to pursue leopards and gazelles. Perhaps this past is what gave it such self-confidence.

Its tough to imagine with its almost dread-like mane, but this Italian breed of sheepdog was great at herding sheep and cattle. In a dog lineup, it would be tough to miss this one.

The “cowherd of Flanders” is a large breed whose expertise on the farm extended beyond corraling the herd. A muscled laborer in the field, these dogs make for great watch dogs and family pets. Despite their size, they are gentle and warm to their families.

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Largest of the Schnauzers, this hypoallergenic – powerful and loyal – breed are kind and loving. Their size along makes them not the best choice for families with small children. That said, with older children who are respectful to animals, this breed makes for a grea family dog.

The tallest of the Spaniels, this kind hearted jokester excels in the water and in the home. These hypoallergenic pups are devoted to their owners and when socialized young, can play well with younger kids.

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