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Advertising/Affiliate Disclaimer (includes information on rankings):

This website is a nonpartisan, advertising-sustained compare and review site. The brands, products, and services visible on this site may give Shoreline Vending LLC compensation for inclusion. We act as an Amazon Associate and acquire revenue from qualifying purchases. The order in which we present a brand, product or service can be based on the compensation received. Various proprietary rules are considered when deciding how and where products or services appear on the website. There are a multitude of products not represented on this site that are still product and service choices on the market today. 

About Our Rankings: 

How we rank and rate the products and services on our website is based solely on our own opinions. The quality of the product may not actually be the best, average or worst just because we stated so on the website and the prices listed may not always be the lowest price on the market. Google ratings and Amazon stars were not considered when creating our own ranking system. The order of brands listed and amount of stars given reflect an internal algorithm created by the owners. This website does not own nor does it claim ownership of the images and logos used, instead they are used as visual representations of each company and/or brand. The pricing structure of each product or service is subject to change and is not always accurate on the website. This website and its owners do not directly own any of the logos used in its content and are in no way affiliated with any of the properties or business. 

Users must also keep in mind that the lists within the website’s content are not comprehensive. There are countless brands, products and services in the world and on the market, so we are not able to cover and express opinions on all of them. If a certain brand, product, or service is not mentioned, that does not mean that this website has any ill will or negative feedback for that brand, product, or service. Again, the order that each brand, product, or service is presented was decided internally and does not necessarily reflect the quality of the product, meaning the first product listed may not be better than the last product listed in an article. 

This website does not necessarily review every product or service to the fullest extent before passing judgement or sharing content that covers the product or service. The websites and content we link out to are not our responsibility. Just because a brand, product, or service is listed on our website does not mean we necessarily endorse it. Click on a link within our content at your own risk. 

Opinions that use descriptive terms such as best or worst does not actually mean there is no other brand, product, or service that could be better or worse than the current one being discussed. 

In alignment with FTC guidelines regarding the use of endorsements in advertising, note that: just because this website had a particular experience with a brand, product, or service does not mean that our users will have the same and we are offering no sort of guarantee with a user’s results. Third party reviews and testimonials were gathered from other online sources, family members, or friends which in some instances helped us form a collective opinion. These third party testimonials may not be verbatim. Names may have been altered or completely changed due to privacy reasons. In essence, we strive to provide our users with useful products and services to create a positive user experience with the website and product or service itself. Most products listed are able to be returned, but truly depends on the suppliers’ return policies that you will have to abide by. This website always encourages its users to make their own conclusions of the brand, product, or service we discuss.

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