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Affens were originally bred to exterminate rats and other pets, like many terriers. Although they are pinschers, they have stayed true to terrier energy – busy, bold, and stubborn.

Aloof and distinguished, this regal breed sports a silky coat that keeps it both warm and undeniably debutante. This sighthound isn’t afraid to rough it, as it used to pursue leopards and gazelles. Perhaps this past is what gave it such self-confidence.

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Not known for barking, they are still terriers – so they have a tendency to chew and dig. Their happiness is rooted in companionship and interactions with humans. Airedales own the title of largest terrier.

While this pup was bred in Australia to hunt rodents and snakes, they have a happy disposition and are very affectionate with people. They just might keep you on your toes with their cleverness. 

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A classic example of a water dog from France, this photogenic dog is intelligent and quick witted. They are typically anywhere from 30-60 pounds and love human companionship.

Arguably the oldest dog, the “barkless” Basenji is a highly intelligent, compact framed dog. True to their longstanding relationship with people, they can be fiercely loyal to their families. 

No, this isn’t a poodle. Or a lamb. Bedlingtons are unmistakable companions. Their puffy white coat matches their fiery energy and playful demeanor.

Its tough to imagine with its almost dread-like mane, but this Italian breed of sheepdog was great at herding sheep and cattle. In a dog lineup, it would be tough to miss this one.

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Pronounced BEE-shawn FREE-say, this sweet, cheerful ball of white puff loves to get into mischief. Their compact size makes them great apartment dogs.

Dating back in the Mediterranean over 2,000 years, this stout framed little pup originated in Italy. They are calm, faithful dogs.

These playful dogs love to dig. Bred to run in tandem with foxhounds, their quality traits have bestowed more affectionate, trainable behavior than other terriers.

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The “cowherd of Flanders” is a large breed whose expertise on the farm extended beyond corralling the herd. A muscled laborer in the field, these dogs make for great watch dogs and family pets. Despite their size, they are gentle and warm to their families.

If this dog could think any higher of itself, then it would. Brimming with self assurance, this intelligent, devoted dog can range from playful to stubborn to mischievous.

Weighing under 25 pounds, this pup was originally bred in the Scottish Highlands to fearlessly root out foxes in their dens. Since then, it seems they’ve put up their paws. They love attention from their owners and make for cuddly companions.

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Native to the Czech Republic, The Cesky Terrier descends from the Scottish Terrier and the Sealyham Terrier. While they’ve kept true to the terrier namesake, they are undoubtedly calmer.

Standing at about a foot tall, the Chinese Crested has a shocking presence, given its distinctive grooming styles. It might not look it, but it fur is soft and silky.

Hailing from Madagascar, the hypoallergenic pup is a kind extrovert whose wavy coat is as soft and cuddly as their temperament and personality.

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Largest of the Schnauzers, this hypoallergenic – powerful and loyal – breed are kind and loving. Their size along makes them not the best choice for families with small children. That said, with older children who are respectful to animals, this breed makes for a great family dog.

Havanese are the only dogs native to Cuba. Their infectiously large and warm eyes match their spunk and cheerful demeanor. Temperament and personality make them a great addition to the family.

This terrier is among the oldest of the terrier breeds. This bold and courageous, protective and reverent medium sized dog is affectionately nicknamed the “Daredevil” of the Emerald Island. Pedal to the medal, this pup lives its life.

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The tallest of the Spaniels, this kind hearted jokester excels in the water and in the home. These hypoallergenic pups are devoted to their owners and when socialized young, can play well with younger kids.

Italian Greyhounds are the smallest of the sighthounds. They are shy by nature so they may whither in new social situations, but once they fee comfortable, their gentle, loving personality is special.

This medium sized terrier was promoted from all around hunting dog (rabbits to badgers to foxes and otters) to an all around working dog. They are brave and spirited, affectionate and loyal.

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Affectionately known as a “truffle dog”, this small to medium sized pup is smart and active, loving and compassionate. They certainly have their nuances, so be sure to socialize them young and know how to give them the attention and love they need so they are their best selves for you.

Coming from humble beginnings bred to patrol the farm, this pup has a welcomed blend of self-assurance and loving charm. There’s no shortage of personality here.

Dating back 1,000 years in Tibet, these vigilant watchdogs policed the perimeter of the monasteries high in the Himalayas. Packed in a tight frame, there’s no shortage of wit and charm in this pup.

Unlike the dashing contrast of their coat, Lowchens have a well-balanced temperament. Active and affectionate, this thick maned dog is aptly named Lowchen, which translates to, “Little Lion Dog”.

Weighing in at less than 7 pounds, these foot heigh canines make up for in personality what they lack in stature. As a very popular hypoallergenic breed, they check many boxes for people.

These instantly recognizable dogs carry a compelling blend of personality. While they can most certainly be bullheaded and stubborn, they are extremely devoted to their family. They can be the clown of the family with wit, comical, and playful traits.

Like their standard sized cousins, Miniature Poodles are smart and lively. Their loyalty and fun-loving temperament make them great companion dogs. Your family would be lucky to have such a sensitive and cheerful addition.

Whether policing farmland or guarding an apartment, these hypoallergenic dogs are highly adaptable to their environment. They are highly trainable and exhibit inexhaustible love and affection for their owners.

This British breed of terrier gained recognition as an independent breed in 1964, branching off from its Norwich Terrier variety. They are family friendly dogs who remain active.

This small breed intelligent, athletic sighthound comes from Peru. They are energetic and lively and love being with humans.

This blue collar, shaggy coat herding dog loves putting in a good days work. They are even tempered and intelligent. They are excellent family dogs where the kids are a little older.

Touting excellent swimming skills, Poodles are easily the most popular water dog. They’re highly intelligent and eager to train. Poodles have kindly temperaments making them an ideal pet for families with children.

This hypoallergenic, medium-sized working group dog was originally from the Portuguese coast, with an original job of herding fish into the fisherman’s net. They are intelligent and brave while remaining docile and obedient, which makes them a great family dog as well.

Few dogs have a more distinguishable coat. This small to medium sized herding breed sports a corded coat. As with most herding dogs, they are intelligent and energetic.

Also known as a Bolonka, this dog is a member of the Bichon family. Dating back to the 1800s in Russia, this dog has been a companion dog, through and through. With spunk and charm, this big hearted dog makes for a wonderful family companion.

This medium sized herding dog has a hypoallergenic coat that doubles its presence. While they are lively and friendly, they also have a stubborn side that is just as strong. They require lots of exercise and have a relatively long grooming list, so make sure you account for that when considering this breed.

True to their name, these dogs can be a little – stubborn. They can be difficult to train because of it. That said, they have a lively personality and an infectious personality.

After a more serious history hunting otters, foxes, and badgers, this breed has evolved its more brutish temperament to one of the friendliest of the Terrier Group breeds.

This low maintenance toy companion is prone to barking. Their personalities are warm and outgoing. They are perfectly comfortable spending most of their time lounging around or cuddle up on the lap of their owner.

Hailing from Australia, Silky Terriers are a hypoallergenic breed that is content in smaller spaces like an apartment or condo. It gets its name from its long shiny coat.

This hypoallergenic, medium sized terrier hails from Ireland. As a terrier, they are intelligent and spirited. With families, they are affectionate and energetic.

The Spanish Water Dog can herd a flock or retrieve waterfowl. Its nature to herd marks a key differentiator from the American and Irish Water dogs of the same name. For family planning purposes, the are hypoallergenic, affectionate and loyal.

The original of the three Schnauzer sizes (Giant, Standard, and Miniature), this hypoallergenic pup came from 14th century Germany. They are fantastic family dogs who’s devotion puts them in the air of some of the better companion dogs.

As the ‘Holy Dog of Tibet’, the Tibetan Terrier has a longstanding duty of watching over the Buddist monasteries high up in the isolated regions of the Himalayas. Their smart and pleasant personalities make them very family oriented.

An excellent family dog, these terriers come from Wales. Prevalently used in hunting and sporting, they nonetheless have a softer side when at home. Highly intelligent and fun, their playful nature will have them a centerpiece in the family.

Also known as a Westie, these terriers are independent and smart dogs who from time-to-time can exhibit some stubbornness. Small and sturdy, these pups make fore great family pets.

This hypoallergenic medium sized dog is a superior level gundog. Their desire to please their owners combined with their instinctual prowess in the field make them highly trainable. Their inherent gentleness makes them wonderful on the homefront.

Sharing the same hunting prowess as its short haired cousin, the Wirehaired Vizsla has a notable coat. They are very smart and highly trainable. Match that with their innate skills and you’ll see just how good they are when they are in their element. At home, they have a happy demeanor and never shy away from human love.

A known breed in Mexico for over 3,000 years, the Xolo holds the destinction of being the first dog in the Americas. In a family setting, don’t be surprised if they latch onto one member as its favorite. They are not typically aggressive towards strangers.

Also known as a “Yorkie”, these dogs were originally a blue-collar breed. Anything from being a rattler in the mines to clothing mills in the town, these dogs have adjusted their priorities over the years. They have a more laidback lifestyle today.

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