Toy Group

What these breeds lack in size, they make up in personality. Apart from size as a precursor to joining this group, common personality traits are their love and care for humans, and their ability to slot into various situations.

Affens were originally bred to exterminate rats and other pets, like many terriers. Although they are pinschers, they have stayed true to terrier energy – busy, bold, and stubborn.

Brussels Griffon​ - Toy Group

If this dog could think any higher of itself, then it would. Brimming with self assurance, this intelligent, devoted dog can range from playful to stubborn to mischievous.

This gentle, regal pup is eager to please. He will let you know it with his ferociously waging tail. Among the larger sized in the Toy Group, they make for great dogs for families of all sizes.

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This tiny sized dog weighing less than 6 pounds loves being a purse like companion. Loyal to the end, this compact dog is playful and striking. After all, many restaurants and movies have features this breed. For good reason.

Standing at about a foot tall, the Chinese Crested has a shocking presence, given its distinctive grooming styles. It might not look it, but it fur is soft and silky.

A true companion dog of the kings, this small dog breed is the smallest of the spaniels. While they can be good family dogs, they also can be overwhelmed by too much commotion and noise, so if that sounds like you and your family, they might not be the perfect fit.

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Havanese are the only dogs native to Cuba. Their infectiously large and warm eyes match their spunk and cheerful demeanor. Temperament and personality make them a great addition to the family.

Italian Greyhounds are the smallest of the sighthounds. They are shy by nature so they may whither in new social situations, but once they fee comfortable, their gentle, loving personality is special.

Most likely developed from the Tibetan Spaniel, the Japanese Chin’ brachycephalic facial features (flat-faced, short headed) give it a noble air. This toy breed has been in Asia dating further than 1,500 years.

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Weighing in at less than 7 pounds, these foot heigh canines make up for in personality what they lack in stature. As a very popular hypoallergenic breed, they check many boxes for people.

This sleek framed terrier, is muscular and full of energy. The jet black coat and chestnut markings make this small breed very recognizable. Always surveying, they remain watchful of their surroundings.

Coming from Germany, this Miniature Pinscher must not look in the mirror often, as it doesn’t seem to know its own size! Fearless and bold, this fun-loving pup is an extrovert with an infectious, big dog personality.

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The iconic ears have this pup coined the ‘butterfly dog’. After all Papillon in French means butterfly. This toy-sized Continental spaniel is one of the oldest toy spaniels, dating well past the 16th Century. Their happy disposition make them easily trainable family-friendly dogs.

Originating in China and favored by the Chinese Imperial Court, these regal looking Toy dogs don’t disappoint. Their well balanced personalities make them wonderful compact companions.

Pomeranian​ - Toy Group

The intelligent Pomeranian is the smallest of the Spitz type toy dog and is related to the sled dogs of the Arctic. A prideful dog, they are nonetheless eager to learn and are great with the family.

Like their standard sized cousins, Miniature Poodles are smart and lively. Their loyalty and fun-loving temperament make them great companion dogs. Your family would be lucky to have such a sensitive and cheerful addition.

While there are a number of Instagram famous dogs now, Pugs actually have a long history, originating in China. They have distinctive features in the face with their short muzzles and brick-like, thick frame.

This low maintenance toy companion is prone to barking. Their personalities are warm and outgoing. They are perfectly comfortable spending most of their time lounging around or cuddle up on the lap of their owner.

Hailing from Australia, Silky Terriers are a hypoallergenic breed that is content in smaller spaces like an apartment or condo. It gets its name from its long shiny coat.

If you took a terrier and made it smaller, you would have the Toy Fox Terrier. Loaded with all the high energy and athleticism of a terrier, they also have a fun playful side when home. Their size and demeanor make them great for smaller spaces or those on the move.

Also known as a “Yorkie”, these dogs were originally a blue-collar breed. Anything from being a rattler in the mines to clothing mills in the town, these dogs have adjusted their priorities over the years. They have a more laidback lifestyle today.