Mental Health And Anxiety: Causes and Treatments

If your dog is suffering from anxiety, crying at home, or barking and whining, then your pup could be showing signs of distress.

Over 30% of dogs suffer from some kind of separation anxiety. So if your dog is barking, whining, having accidents indoors, or destroying your possessions – your dog is most likely suffering from anxiety.

So while some of those habits might come across as training issues, working on alleviating your pup’s anxiety might be the most constructive path.

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If you are looking for a ‘medicine free’ approach to trying to solve your pup’s anxiety, you need to be thinking about behavior modification. Fixing the root cause of behavior, rippling to better outcomes in obedience and quality of life. Dog music has helped many others, perhaps if could help your dog too!


With extremely competitive rates for the coverage, Pumpkin insurance is an option worth considering, especially with certain breeds and older dogs that might not qualify elsewhere.


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