Bedtime Routine For 1 Year Old

Creating a Bedtime Routine

When your baby is one year old, it’s official!

Your little one has become a bonafide toddler. Although they depend on parents’ support and guidance, their growth and development are on a whole new level.

It is always a joy to see babies transiting and taking on new challenges from talking to walking. But parents are not left out in the equation as they need to create new routines to meet all the changes, one of which is bedtime habits.

A bedtime routine for a one-year-old requires details that must be considered.

Ideas to incorporate into Bedtime 

First off, it’s all about making the night sleep long and uninterrupted except for feeding intervals. To this end, the afternoon nap time needs to be short and sweet. Remember, your baby is one year old and super active than ever, so getting them tired with activities is a sure way to make them fall asleep nicely at night time. This is a daily habit that can make their bedtime routine steady.

Secondly, never ignore the must-dos before bedtime. Babies naturally develop sensory organs that register routine activities. Once a one-year-old knows the must-dos before they climb into bed for the night, it becomes a tradition, and they automatically know. Sure there might be tantrums in the beginning because it’s new and obstructive to their playtime, but eventually, they start to long for it and give signals to their moms.

Next, selections from the choicest closet collections is always a great way to engage a fussy one-year-old who gets upset with bedtime routines. Don’t get alarmed thinking you need to buy a whole stash of clothes for your little one, far from it. They just need to know that their daily bedtime routine can be exciting, and they get the chance to be part of the process by choosing their own pajamas. Now, how cool is that? As a parent, your strategies to keep your one year old trusting and committed is paramount, so get creative. Let the selection be colorful; this captures their attention yet calms them. They can even choose their own night teddy to cuddle into so they feel close to mom and dad. This move is sure to stick and become fun for your one-year-old.

Next, night snacks! Every bedtime routine for a one-year-old cannot be complete without a yummy and healthy night snack to make their sleep sound since it’s a long way till breakfast. Cereals with fruits are great! Or you could bring some yogurt or crackers with some milk. Either way, keep the choices healthy and a fun meal for the little one.

Last Words

Finally, with the cutest baby bedspread and the perfect room lighting and ambience, a bedtime routine for a one-year-old should always be finished off with some bedtime story, gentle singing and lots of kisses. Babies love to be cuddled and hugged; it builds a strong bond between you and your little one. A bond they always remember as they grow.

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