Top 5 Dog Beds for Your Pet

Top 5 dog beds

Whether you need the best dog beds for golden retrievers, the best dog beds for anxiety, or the best dog beds for large breeds… we got you covered! We want to introduce you to cozy pet dog beds so every nap can be as comfortable as the last for your furry friend.

Best dog bed for chewers

Casper: Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed

A Casper dog bed that loves your dog back. We know dog owners want their pet to have a cozy bed to sleep in, which is why Casper created this pressure-relieving, durable memory foam bed. If your dog is a digger, rest easy knowing there’s excess material to protect against ripping making it the closest thing to an indestructible dog bed.


Toby & Ace: Toby & Ace Orthopedic Dog Bed

If you’re looking for a large dog bed that can protect your dog’s joints and spine, look no further. This Toby & Ace veterinarian-approved memory foam orthopedic dog bed was created to provide optimal support to the most used pressure points in your dog. Dogs can commonly feel anxious, whether it’s because their owner is leaving or they’re in a new environment, but this cooling orthopedic dog bed helps relieve that stress.


Orvis: Orvis Memory Foam Dog Bed

This fleece memory foam Orvis round dog bed is one of the coziest you’ll find. Orvis memory foam dog bed has material that is able to shape to your whole dog’s body and gives them ultimate comfort when sleeping and lounging. The calming dog bed design was made to give your dog better circulation in their bodies and relieve pressure points.


Furhaven: Orthopedic Cooling Dog Bed

This FurHaven orthopedic dog bed is designed to provide the best ergonomic comfort and open space so your pet is able to lay down in various positions. FurHaven pet dog bed has a removable cover that’s completely washer friendly. The material of this cover includes micro-velvet fabric that’s known to be gentle on the dog’s paws and noses.


Tuft & Needle: Water Resistant Dog Bed

Tuft & Needle created a dog bed with convenience in mind. Its cushion fits the size of most standard crates and is easily detachable, so it makes a perfect dog crate bed. The durable canvas material can be unzipped in a matter of seconds and put in the wash if there’s ever an accident. The cute dog beds design goes perfectly in any home because of its neutral color and sleek look. Take a look at Tuft & Needle vs Casper or any of the other dog bed brands above to find what you’re looking for, whether its the best dog bed for labs or the best dog bed for german shepherds.

Top 5 dog beds

Dog FAQ's

Why do dogs kick their legs when you scratch them?

Just like people, dogs have reflexes. When you scratch them and their legs start to kick, that means you’ve activated their scratch reflex. Dogs have clusters of nerves under their skin, and when scratched, the nerves send a message through the spinal cord to the hind legs.

Why do dogs dig in bed?

If you own a dog, then you most likely have seen your dog digging in their bed before laying down plenty of times. This could be happening for a few reasons. They may be digging to indicate that their bed is their territory, or it may be due to their natural instinct. A wild dog tends to hide and dig in areas they feel the most comfortable. 

Can dogs eat watermelon?

Yes, if you want to give your dog a sweet, watery treat, feel free to give them watermelon. Some import things to keep in mind, however, are to take out any seeds and remove the rind to prevent any blockage or stomach issues. 

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