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Being there for an expecting mother is always such an exciting time. Depending on your relationship with the mom-to-be, she may ask for help with the planning and executing of her baby shower. Today, we’ll walk you through everything baby shower-related, including gifts, gift ideas, and how much you should spend! 

Whether you’re expecting a baby or just a guest at the party, attending a baby shower is always such a fun way to celebrate a new life coming into the world. It’s a time to spoil the expecting mother and her baby with all the love and support they deserve. 

Picking a theme, setting an invitation list, buying decorations, organizing games, cooking appetizers and everything else that comes with planning a baby shower can get overwhelming. Buying the expecting mother the perfect gift can also be stressful for the friends and family attending because they’re not sure what to get or how much to spend. So, what does an average baby shower gift normally cost? 

How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Gift

First, it’s important to consider your relationship with the expecting mother and father. And second, think about what could be the most useful or personalized to them. 

baby shower gift

If you are the mother or father of the expectant mom, then your gift or gifts will most likely be a bit more extravagant or expensive than other people’s gifts. Siblings of the expectant mother also typically fall within this category. These gifts can range anywhere from $50-$200 plus dollars. Again, this all depends on what you’re actually planning on purchasing for the mother and baby. 

Other outside relatives or close friends should budget ~$40-$75 dollars for a gift. Baby clothes and diapers can get super pricey these days! 

However, a good rule of thumb if you are casual friends or colleagues is to get baby items within the $20-$50 range. 

Whatever you get the expecting mother and her baby, they will appreciate it! Babies require around-the-clock care, especially as newborns, so there are plenty of baby essentials to choose from that will be useful to that mom and baby. 

DIY gifts are also great options if you’re trying to save money. Homemade gifts are always a very thoughtful way of showing your friend or family member how much they mean to you. Either way, we’ll take you through some amazing baby shower gift ideas that hit all areas of the pricing spectrum. By the end, you’ll have the perfect gift or perfect gift inspiration for your upcoming party. 

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Car Seat 

Car seats are a great baby shower gift because it’s something the parents will need and a safety item for their baby they’ll most likely use every day. One of the most stressful things leading up to a woman going into labor is the hospital plan. Bags need to be packed and a car needs to be ready if you’re not doing an at-home birth. The mom and baby need countless items to be comfortable through the whole process and before they’re both able to return home. 

When the parents return home, they’re coming back with a new baby! And that means they’ll need a car seat ready for their baby’s first trip home. 

We have some of the best car seat recommendations, but this Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 car seat is one of our favorites. You’re able to use this car seat from your baby’s newborn stage all the way to through their toddler phase. It has 10 different harness positions for use in rear-facing mode, 6 recline positions for when it’s in front-facing mode, and an adjustable headrest that will remove any middle-of-the-back slouching. This Graco 4ever car seat features a Rapid Remove cover, an integrated belt lock-off for easy installation, and rubberized fuss-free harness storage for extra accessibility. Essentially, this car seat has everything any parent could dream of when imagining convenient and versatile traveling. Taking trips with a baby is never easy, but this Graco car seat ensures simpler and safer travel. 

Graco 4Ever DLX

Any expecting parents would be thrilled to receive this Graco car seat or a car seat of your choosing. Car seats give parents peace of mind and that’s exactly what they’ll need the second their newborn comes into the world. 

Baby Swing

A baby swing is also a great baby shower gift idea if you’re a closer friend or family member to the expecting parents. This is another staple baby item every parent needs. Baby swings have numerous benefits. They provide newborns entertainment, rocking, soothing, lounging, and everything in between to give mom and dad a break. 

Swings typically sway your baby in different motions, so you’re able to find which motion is the most comfortable for your baby. These swings are perfect for when moms and dads need to tidy up the house, cook dinner, give their arms a rest, or are preoccupied with another child. We could come up with a hundred reasons parents would need one of these for their babies, but instead, we’ll just tell you this is a must-have at any woman’s baby shower. 

There are so many baby swings out there, which is why we picked out our top 5 baby swings we would pick out for our own kids. The Munchkin Lightweight Portable Swing is definitely our favorite. 

The Munchkin swing has Bluetooth features where you’re able to download a free app and control the swings settings from wherever you are. There are different speeds, timers, and soothing sounds to choose from. But instead of getting up and changing these settings manually, you can do it remotely! We love this one in particular because of its sleek modern look – this can go anywhere in anyone’s home and look good. It’s also extremely light to pick up and can separate into two parts for easy storage. 

Munchkin Lightweight Portable Swing

Your momma-to-be will be so thankful for this soothing swing. There’s nothing better than a home item capable of calming a crying baby! 

Diaper Bag Backpack 

A diaper bag backpack is always a great baby shower gift idea as well. With a baby, you’re constantly moving and always busy. Any mother’s wish is to find products that make her life easier and more convenient. A diaper bag backpack does just that. It gives a mom freedom in both of her hands to carry or push anything she needs. Backpacks are designed for ultimate storage, organization, style, durability and comfortability – all things a mom doesn’t seem to have after birthing a newborn!  

There are so many diaper bag backpacks to browse through so we picked out one of our favorite backpacks that has every feature a mother needs. EliteBaby has a collection of backpacks and totes to choose from but this pink one really stood out to us. 

EliteBaby Diaper Bag Backpack

Some of this backpack’s most notable features are: 

  • Waterproof fabric – the material is completely waterproof so you’re able to easily wipe off or rinse any spills from drinks, formula, food, etc. 
  • Insulated pockets – this bag has more pockets than you can even imagine. Some of the interior pockets are insulated to keep bottled formula at the right temperature. 
  • Wipe accessibility – this bag has a side pocket specifically designed for baby wipes. There’s a small zipper you can slide open to easily grab a wipe while changing your baby. There’s nothing worse than trying to keep your baby calm while struggling to grab a wipe out of a jam-packed bag. 
  • Durability – This bag’s material is thick. It can withstand maximum wear and tear. So, if the mom-to-be likes to travel or go on a lot of trips, she can use this bag time and time again without breaking it down. 

Baby Shusher Sound Machine 

The expecting mother doesn’t know it yet, but having a sound machine for her baby’s nursery will feel like the biggest hallelujah moment when she’s running low on sleep. 

This Baby Shusher sound machine uses a real person’s voice to mimic the sound of a parent humming their baby back to sleep. Everyone knows newborns wake up multiple times a night to be fed, but getting them back to sleep can often be a challenge. This machine has shushing sessions that can last between 15 and 30 minutes. The sound level can also be adjusted so the parents can create the perfect ambiance for their baby to fall back asleep peacefully. 

Baby Shusher

This gift is a complete lifesaver for any expecting parents and it’s super affordable!  So if you’re trying to stay on budget, this is a great baby shower gift option for you. 

Baby Shower Cookie Cutters 

If you’re trying to do more of a DIY gift, then this is a really fun idea that everyone at the party will enjoy. 

If the mom and dad already have the baby’s name picked out, consider getting a cookie cutter that’s shaped like the first letter of their baby’s name. If not, we suggest picking out cutely shaped baby-themed cookie cutters. Make a few batches of these cookies and invite a friend over to help you decorate each one. 

Once your cookies are all decorated and ready, consider arranging them on a shaped plate. Try to find one that either fits the theme of the shower, is the letter of the baby’s first initial, or uses a few plates that spell out the baby’s name entirely. You’ll end up with a personalized, beautifully arranged dessert the mom will appreciate and the whole party will enjoy. 

Baby Shower Cookie Cutters

This gift may be a bit more time-consuming and crafty, but that effort will be greatly appreciated by the mom you’re celebrating! 

Now that we’ve taken you through some great baby shower gift ideas, we want to share a couple of cute baby shower planning ideas with you. 

Other Baby Shower Planning Ideas

Safari Baby Shower Cake 

A safari baby shower cake is trending like crazy right now! Safari colors are perfect for parents who are expecting a boy, girl or are waiting to be surprised. Any decor with shades of green, yellow, and gold are perfect to set that safari feel. 

Safari Baby Shower Cake

Check out some Safari Baby Shower Inspo:  

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invitations 

People keep raving about teddy bear-themed baby shower invitations! This is also a great unisex option for parents planning to be surprised by their baby’s gender. 

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invitations

Check out some great Teddy Bear Baby Shower invites and decor: 

  • Teddy Bear Shower Invitations – these invitations come with diaper raffle cards and book request cards. This pack only comes with 20 each, so we recommend getting a couple of packs depending on how many people you plan on inviting! 

For those who may be unfamiliar with diaper raffle cards, they’re cards guests write their name on to enter a contest. Typically, the host or expecting mother of the party picks out a raffle prize for the winner. Anyone who wants to enter the contest must bring a pack of diapers for the mommy-to-be, fill out a raffle card, and then cross their fingers that they win the raffle prize! 


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