Potty Training Reward Ideas

How To Get Potty Training Started

Adults and kids alike love some motivation when learning something new. Parenting is quite an engaging task since there are many things to learn and pass on to the little ones. Potty training gives some parents jitters because they are not sure how it will turn out. Some kids are stubborn, while others have a hard time adjusting to new things. With this in mind, it makes sense to reward your baby every time they use the potty right.

If you are starting with the potty, here are some exciting potty training reward ideas that you may want to consider:

Keep Praises Coming

The natural reaction for most parents is to scold their little ones when they do not use the potty right. How many times have you praised and complimented the baby for using or attempting to use the potty? When thinking of potty training reward ideas, you do not need to get physical prizes necessarily; instead, you can say nice things that will go a long way.

Thank your baby for using the potty and make them feel proud. Announce to the rest of the family members how grown-up the baby is and make sure the little one hears it. Eventually, it starts to sink in that using the potty is a big deal, and the toddler will be motivated to want to do it.

Grant Privileges of Bigger Kids

Have you noticed that when babies are young, they want to feel all-grown and big? You will find them with daddy’s shoes or mommy’s handbag and makeup kit. Giving them the privileges of bigger kids can be part of your potty training reward ideas. When they have used the potty, provide them with a privilege, like pouring their cereal and milk in the bowl.

When allowing such privileges, let them know that it is connected to the fact that they used the potty without problems. Other rewards could be picking their outfits, putting on their bathrobes, applying oil after a bath, and so much more. You will be shocked at how excited they will jump onto such privileges and how it plays into successful potty training.

Plan a Vacation or Outing

There are also fun potty training reward ideas that you may want to consider. For instance, you can plan a family vacation or an outing as a reward for your baby’s ability to use the potty. Talk about this trip and let every family member know that it is the toddler who has earned the family the vacation.

To make the potty training more fun and exciting, you can come up with some potty stickers. Agree with the little one that once they achieve a certain number of stickers, they will activate the trip. You can have smaller outings at different milestones while building up to the big trip.

Do What Works for You

After all is said and done, when it comes to potty training reward ideas, pick what works for your family. Keep trying out different options until you nail it and keep the baby motivated to learn how to use the potty perfectly.




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