When Can Baby Use Jumper

When Can Baby Use Jumper

What Age Can A Baby Use Jumper?

Are you a new parent confused about using a jumper for your baby? Do not worry; all parents get confused about almost every decision about their kids. They try to make the best decisions for their child and provide the most fantastic gear to support their baby’s growth. However, making the right decision at the right time is crucial for a child’s development. 

Using a jumper is also a massive milestone for baby like solids. But the question that keeps every parent intrigued is ‘when can baby use jumper?’ They just cannot afford to miss the right moment and age to start using the jumper, which is why they get so worried. So, today we will discuss every detail about the baby jumper and figure out the right time and way of using a jumper. 

When Can Baby Use Jumper

What is Baby Jumper Used For?

A baby jumper is a gear with a seat that safely holds the baby in place and allows him to bounce and jump. The baby jumps up and down while being in a secure place. He enjoys the activity for a fairly long time and learns to put his weight on the feet in the process. 

It is an excellent gear that is truly worth the investment because you will immediately see a difference in your baby’s development. 

When Can Baby Use Jumper?

Using a jumper can be tricky as it puts pressure on the feet and back of the baby. The baby must control his head and neck firmly to use a jumper. Usually, a baby starts having good control over his head and neck when he is around five months old. 

So, from 5 to 6 months is the ideal time to put a baby in his jumper and let him explore the new world of bouncing. Initially, the baby might not like to be in the jumper, but he will get the hang of it and start enjoying it.

Qualities of a Good Jumper

Since baby jumpers have a lot of effects on the baby’s overall well-being, it is important to get the best quality jumper. The fabric and build of the jumper should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the baby. 

You should prefer getting a jumper with a stationary frame of the highest quality material. The frame is the most crucial factor because it is the one that firmly keeps the jumper in place.

The jumper seat should also be considered as it imposes a risk on the baby’s hips, and it should be soft and firm at the same time. Moreover, the strings attached to the seat must be strong enough to carry the jumper. 

All of the qualities mentioned above are of a good quality jumper, and you should not get anything less than this for your baby. An excellent jumper is as essential as the technique of using the jumper. 

Right Way to Use Jumper

You can never risk your baby’s health with the jumper as it is a tricky gear to use. You can never make the mistake of introducing the jumper too early. In addition to the right time, you should follow a few ways to use the jumper for your baby safely.

Here are a few ways that you must follow for the safe use of a jumper:

  • Get a jumper with a stationary frame; it is relatively safer and does not move when the baby moves. 
  • Buy a good quality jumper with strong cloth and strings to stay in place. 
  • Never leave your baby unattended when in the jumper because there is a huge risk of falling.
  • Only allow 15 to 20 minutes twice a day of jumper time to your baby.
  • Ensure the baby is appropriately secure inside the jumper won’t come out of it while jumping.                                         
  • Follow the proper guidelines while assembling the jumper to avoid injuries.

For How Long a Baby Can Use Jumper?

The recommended age of a baby to use a jumper is not more than eight months, and it is when the baby starts sitting up and weighs above 25 pounds. Usually, babies start crawling around this age, and they want to explore the world around them, so putting them in a jumper might frustrate them.

You should not use a jumper after these signs because the jumper starts having adverse effects on the baby’s growth. If you are still doubtful, you must read the instructions along with the jumper; there must be specific guidelines about the right age of the baby. Once your baby crosses that appropriate age, do not make him sit in the jumper. 

When Can Baby Use Jumper

Benefits of Using a Baby Jumper

A baby jumper is an excellent choice for parents to keep their children busy and active. It gives a much-needed break to the exhausted parents, and they can use that time to complete their chores. 

Moreover, a baby jumper also helps strengthen the baby’s leg muscles to prepare him for walking. The baby learns to use his toes and control pressure on the legs through jumping. 

The baby jumper is an activity that keeps the baby busy and teaches him to self-entertain. If your baby demands too much of your attention, then getting a baby jumper might solve the problem for you.  

It is good gear for babies as it prepares their muscles to start walking as early as possible and gives you a break from constantly entertaining the baby.

Dangers of Using a Baby Jumper

Undoubtedly, baby jumpers are an excellent way to teach a new skill to your baby, but it needs to be done in moderation. You cannot leave your baby in the jumper for more than 15 to 20 minutes because it poses health and developmental hurdles in the baby. 

The baby can develop skeletal and muscle disorders if he uses too many jumpers. You might not see the effects of excessive use of a jumper, but it will harm the later life of the baby.

There are several risks involved in the excessive use of the jumper; some of them are:

  • Hips Disorder: Being in a jumper, there is a constant strain on the baby’s hips that can lead to developmental disorders in the future. If you leave the baby in this condition for longer spans, there is an even higher risk of dislocation and hip dysplasia. 
  • Toe-Walking: Babies use their toes to jump, leading to walking on the toes. When babies stay in the jumper for way too long every day, you will notice that they walk uncomfortably. 
  • Head and Neck Injury: Baby jumpers can cause severe injuries if the baby is unattended and vigorously jumps in it. The neck and head are the most damaged body parts due to jumpers.
  • Finger Folding: While playing in a jumper, there is a risk of fingers being folded or pinched because the feet might not fall straight on the floor. 

Alternatives of a Baby Jumper

Nowadays, several baby gears are available on the market that helps keep the baby busy and entertained. It becomes incredibly frustrating for the parents to entertain the baby 24/7, so they need a breakthrough with the help of these gears. 

Even though the jumper provides 15 to 20 minutes of relaxing time to the parents, it also imposes high risks to the baby’s development. Due to the increased risk factor, some parents avoid using it and find alternatives. So, some of the activities that you can try to keep your baby entertained are discussed below:

  • Floor Play: The most helpful playtime for a baby is to leave him on the floor to have free playtime. The baby enjoys it to the fullest, and it also helps strengthen the muscles of legs the, neck, and back. The floor play prepares the baby to sit and then walk in future.
  • Tummy Time: Another exercise that the babies enjoy is the tummy time. It is beneficial for so many things, including milk digestion and muscle strengthening. 
  • Bouncer: Bouncer is a valuable gear that keeps the baby safe in a position without imposing any threat to the baby’s health. You can leave the baby in it for as long as you want while securing the baby with the belt. 
  • Books and Toys: Babies love colorful books and toys. You can try getting interactive books for the baby to keep him busy while you complete the house chores. 

Final Words

Using a baby jumper is quite difficult for the parents because nobody wants to put their child at risk. However, it is also a great way to prepare the baby for standing and walking. 

If you are extra careful and keep the baby in front of your eyes, you can benefit from using a jumper. Do not leave the baby unattended in a jumper for extended periods because it will negatively impact the baby’s development.

So, do not hesitate and get a good quality jumper for your baby today and start using it. Your baby will learn to stand on his legs and then begin walking early on.







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