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These dogs all make up some of the best family dog breeds. Their temperaments, ease to train, and overall desire to love make these breeds easy picks as additions to the family.

America’s most popular dog breed, the Labrador Retriever is an outgoing, even tempered dog that is as notably perficient in the field and retriving waterfowl as they are at stealing the hearts of their family. Their demeanor and trusting, gentle ways make them a good choice for families of all sizes and age ranges.

While these dogs can be patient with their own families, they have been known to be standoffish to strangers, and aggressive at times. If you took a powder keg of gentle and destructive, and shook it, you’d have the American Foxhound in a bottle. For example, while they are not snuggly animals, they exhibit separation anxiety if distanced from owners.

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These medium sized sporting dogs love flushing and retrieving birds. While they are professional and alert in the field, they are affectionate and cheerful at home.

An excellent family dog, the Beagle is a small scent hound that can take to the field or can curly up on the couch. They make fantastic companion dogs, for kids and adults.

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Sometimes going as the English Pointer, this medium sized breed was bred to find game and come to a point, showing their human companions where they birds were.

This gundog developed to retrieve ducks and other waterfowl in the Chesapeake Bay area in the US (Mid-Atlantic region) has an intelligent and dominant presence. Chessies are high energy but also make for good family dogs.

Named for its ‘ticked’ black and blue coat, this breed specializes in nocturnal hunting. Medium to large in size, while they are all business in the field, they are playful and gentle at home.

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The flashy red coat of the Irish Setter hallmarks its signature look. They are high spirited and high energy in both the field and the home. Make sure to have a plan to get their energy out and they’ll appreciate it.

This Scottish retriever is among the most popular breeds in the US. They are loving and friendly characters that have a love of life that is infectious. They are great family pets, as their patience and trustworthiness is second to none.

This large dog breed from the Hound Group has some of the best smelling senses available. Their skills have been utilized to track deer and boar. More recently, their marque skill has been used for tracking people. Powerful and dignified, this hound is impressive.

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This medium sized sporting dog is part of the Setter group (red Irish Setters, Irish Red and White Setters, and Gordon Setters). Mild-mannered overly accomodating, they make for great companions for any age. Their protecive nature makes them adequate watch dogs.

This big-game hunting dog was originally bred in the 19th century. They are extremely powerful and stubborn dogs who have a tendency to be somewhat aloof. The “Silver Ghost” is a good family dog option, just be mindful of little kids, as they are larger dogs.

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Fierce, energetic and bold in the field, these pups are just as happy placing their attention in the home. They are loyal and kind, making them a perfet choice for a family with kids of all ages.

For a household with older or well mannered kids, this small breed can be a good family pet. Their terrier instincts of boldness, intelligence, and swiftness are not lost on this breed. This little pup is always up for an activity and adventure.

Named for a Scottish aristocrat, this large setter is an active breed that is happy and loyal. If they could stay puppies for forever, they would.

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Native to the Wisconsin in the 1800s, the American Water Spaniel (AWS) is an optimistic, active outdoor loving dog. They can be territorial and aggressive to other dogs, but they have many traits that make them desirable family pets.

Cocker Spaniels are the smallest member of the sporting group breeds. They are affectionate dogs, making them great for families. Be aware that grooming their coat often is important to keeping their fur untangled.

Once known as the “African Lion Hound”, this South African sighthound and scenthound is dignified while still being sensitive. Its signature mohawk-like patch of fur that stands up on its back is unmistakable. They make for excellent guard dogs.

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An offspring of the English and American Foxhounds, the Treeing Coonhound has a “bugle bark” and needs to be in an active setting. They can make for good family pets, just remember, they are hunting dogs through and through, so if you have other little pets (hampster, guinnea pig) this breed might think they are prey.

These even tempered medium to large sized dogs were a versatile hunting dog in Germany. When treated well and with respect (especially with the unpredictability of younger children), these dogs are sweet and affectionate.

This intelligent medium sized spaniel is an excellent hunting dog. They are largely docile and love to please their human companions. They were developed in 19th century England.

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While not overly popular, this large scent hound was designated as the North Carolina official State dog. They are loyal and vigilant, making them prized companions in the fields (they were bred to pursue bears) and in loving homes.

This old school pack hunting dog was developed in Argentina to track big game. They are brave dogs with a willingness to stop at nothing to protect its owner.

These loyal companions love to run so make sure you have an exercise plan in place. They have seemingly endless energy and have natural hunting chops. Vizsla does mean “pointer” in Hungarian, after all. This medium breed makes for a wonderful family dog as they are fiercely loyal and affectionate.

This hypoallergenic medium sized dog is a superior level gundog. Their desire to please their owners combined with their instinctual prowess in the field make them highly trainable. Their inherent gentleness makes them wonderful on the homefront.

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