Top 5 Nursing Covers

Top 5 best nursing covers

Best Nursing Covers For Breastfeeding

Every breastfeeding mother should be able to feed her baby in comfort, convenience and confidence. That’s why we have worked hard find the very best nursing covers for breastfeeding moms like you.


EliteBaby: Breathable Nursing Cover

Elitebaby nursing cover supports mothers who need and/or want to breastfeed in public areas. No matter what the season, this infinity scarf has the ability to provide extra comfort while nursing and versatility for all your mommy-ing needs. It doesn’t stop there. This lightweight wrap is a shopping cart cover, high chair cover and baby swing as well. There’s no need to stress over getting your grocery shopping done for the rest of the family when these breastfeeding covers are the perfect solution.


Milksnob: Nursing Cover

MilkSnob nursing covers are multipurpose and a must-have for modern parents, you can use it as a baby blanket, nursing cover, shopping cart cover, infant car seat cover, high chair cover etc. Our 100% premium cotton fabric, stunning designs and multiple function make these covers a great option for any parent.


Bebe au Lait: Premium Cotton Nursing Cover

This breastfeeding cover has a patented Rig flex open neckline that holds the cover away from mom and baby. The neckline features a patented Interlocking Cap System that prevents sharp boning material from breaking through the ends, making it more durable and protective. The open neckline also ensures proper airflow and allows mom to see that baby is properly latched.


Bamboobies: Nursing Cover

The Bamboobies nursing shawl is made of quick-drying, super-soft rayon from bamboo and a touch of spandex. It’s light enough for spring and summer, yet warm enough for winter – making it a great cover-up for breastfeeding moms. Whether used as a nursing cover or a car seat cover, both the chic and open nursing shawls are clinically tested to provide 30+ UPF sun protection.


Boppy: Infinity Nursing Scarf

The Boppy Nursing Scarf is made of premium, lightweight cotton knit and provides all-around, 360-degree coverage while breastfeeding or pumping. The Boppy Nursing Scarf can make feeding your baby more comfortable and convenient. It features an adjustable strap, a Peek Panel mesh to allow you to see the baby while nursing, and a wraparound design that keeps it from blowing around or falling off.

Top 5 best nursing covers


Is my baby safe under nursing cover?

Your baby will be safe under a nursing cover but you always want to make sure you leave enough ventilation and that the fabric isn’t pressed up against your baby’s mouth or nose. In the winter months if your baby is bundled up you will want to make sure you have a lightweight nursing cover option so your baby doesn’t overheat.

What is a nursing cover?

Nursing covers are a piece of fabric that mothers use to cover up while nursing in public areas. A nursing cover can be used for many different reasons. The main purpose is for providing coverage for your and your baby while you are breastfeeding to make you feel more comfortable. They can also be used for car seat covers, shopping cart covers, or can even be worn as a scarf.

Are there different types of nursing covers?

Yes, there are several options of nursing covers with different functions and features. There are apron styles that you just slip over your head like a typical kitchen apron. Other styles are wearable options. These include ponchos or a shawl that can be worn normally but also double as a nursing cover. The final option is a convertible breastfeeding cover. Convertible nursing covers are multiple purpose and can serve many purposes and are the most versatile breastfeeding covers.

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