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How many swaddles do i need

Best Swaddles for Newborns, Infants, & Toddlers

Are you and your baby in need of a better night’s sleep? Take a look at our top swaddle choices for newborns, infants, or toddlers that are guaranteed to offer ultimate comfort and longer periods of sleep. These baby swaddles keep their reflexes in check, recreate a womb-like experience, and are all made with the cutest designs.


EliteBaby: Muslin Swaddle 3-Pack

These muslin swaddles by EliteBaby are made with lightweight, breathable material that provide your baby the most comfortable wrap to sleep in. These multifunctional blankets can be used for more than swaddling – their letters, milk, and ice cream unisex design make them perfect for any on-the-go outing, tummy time mat, car seat cover for shade, or adorable nursery accessory.


Halo: 2-Piece Sleepsacks

Halo’s sleep sack swaddle and sleep sack wearable blanket are made from 100% cotton that feel extremely soft to the touch. These are generously sized so your baby doesn’t feel overly restricted and is able to adjust as they please without their reflexes waking them up throughout the night. The Halo sleep sack is a great alternative for other blankets in the crib, giving you peace of mind when putting your baby down for the night.


SwaddleMe: Safari 3-Count Set

This SwaddleMe 3-pack comes with the cutest designs and comfort colors for any baby. These are used best on little ones that are 0-3 months, about 7-14 pounds, and up to 26 inches n size. Since these swaddles come with small adjustable wings, you can customize the wrap to snuggle your baby as tight or loose as you see fit for your baby. SwaddleMe’s design is a great example of how babies feel back in their mother’s womb because of the soft fabric and secure fit.


Aden + Anais: Muslin Swaddle 4-Pack

The Aden + Anais swaddles are the perfect lightweight swaddle four pack for your baby. Their beautifully colored pastel designs are a great addition for your little ones nursery, and their extremely soft fabric is guaranteed to get your baby to fall asleep a whole lot faster. Aden + Anais swaddle fabric was made with ultimate breathability and flexibility in mind!


Parker Baby: Muslin Swaddle 3-Pack

Parker Baby’s Swaddle three pack comes in the most adorable neutral design, making it easy to pair the swaddles with any baby boy or baby girl accessories. The fabric is 100% cotton so it feels as soft as possible against your baby’s skin. The blankets’ size is large enough for you to use it all the way through their newborn, infant, and toddler stages as well!

Top 5 best swaddles

Swaddle FAQ

How many swaddles do I need?

Owning five swaddles is a good rule of thumb to live by. It’s always smart to have a few extras on hand in case of any spills or accidents. Plan to have two swaddles in the baby’s nursery, one in your diaper bag, one in the laundry, and one in the family room or common living space.

When to transition out of swaddle?

Parents are always curious about when to transition their babies out of swaddles. It’s best practice to stop using a swaddle at night when they are about 3-5 months old. At first, they will most likely have trouble sleeping since they’re adjusting out of that womb-like environment and are learning how to control their natural reflexes.

Do you have to swaddle a newborn?

Parents typically find swaddling very useful for a few reasons. One being that swaddles are helpful in controlling their babies sleep position and can help them sleep through the night much longer. However, you do not have to use a swaddle on your baby. If your baby is perfectly content without the assistance of one, don’t bother even wrapping them. Just be sure to always lay your baby on his or her back when putting them in their crib for a nap or good nights sleep.

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